Could This Insane Deleted Scene Have Saved Captain Marvel?

Could This Insane Deleted Scene Have Saved Captain Marvel?
Image credit: Legion-Media

If you didn't like Captain Marvel, maybe it's because the movie lacked this particular scene.

Captain Marvel's final battle against the Supreme Intelligence could have been so much more impressive — and, most importantly, a lot more comic-accurate — if the movie did not axe what could have been its best scene.

First of all, a gentle reminder of what Supreme Intelligence looks like in the comics. Basically, its true form is a large head with multiple eyes and tentacles coming out of its head as if they were its hair.

Well, looks like the movie was just a step away from adapting the very same look on screen, but decided to ditch it for some reason. Luckily, the deleted scene is available online, even though it lacks the final layers of CGI and looks understandably unfinished.

Some fans immediately decided that Captain Marvel would have been so much better if the scene ended up in the final cut. Others, however, argued that Brie Larson's acting is just as underwhelming as it was in the rest of the movie, and the deleted scene is "cringe" — not least due to its unfinished CGI.

Still, a lot of people would be much more merciful to the movie should it leave the deleted scene in.

"The [MCU] is INSANE. This was one of my main criticism of this mundane movie. Why is the Kree Supremor a white chick & not a giant tentacle head in a tube?" Twitter user FILIUM_PATRIS wondered.

Others noted that Marvel generally needs to "start having aliens look like their comic counterpart", which would help the studio avoid many jabs from fans who are often disappointed that the movies fail to adapt the best parts of the comics.

Despite its "major game boss vibes", the scene could have been "the only cool thing about the movie", many fans argue.

Captain Marvel premiered in theaters in 2019 but never received a particularly warm welcome from fans, who blasted the movie for its "weak" storyline and Brie Larson's "poker face" acting. Currently, the movie enjoys 79% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience's score as low as 45%.