Crazy Fan Theory Turns MCU Into Soap Opera With Cap Being Hulk's Grandfather

Crazy Fan Theory Turns MCU Into Soap Opera With Cap Being Hulk's Grandfather
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It seems that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, family is just as important as it is in Fast & Furious.

Sometimes, you come across these fan theories that are just absolutely crazy, yet they're also super fascinating, especially when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most of the time, these theories never actually get confirmed in the MCU projects or are proven wrong, but it's all in good fun.

One particularly wild theory has been recently shared on Reddit. The theory suggests that Captain America might just be Hulk's grandfather. Sounds bizarre, right? Hold on, maybe you’ll change your mind.

In the post-credit scene of the pilot episode of Disney Plus’ She-Hulk, it's revealed that Captain America had a little fling with a young woman during his 1943 USO tour.

The second thing revealed in the first episode is that Bruce Banner (Hulk) and Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) both share a unique genetic marker for Gamma affinity.

Now, when you put these two pieces of information side by side, it kind of suggests that the Hulk duo might be related to Cap. How? Well, the theory implies that they could be Cap's illegitimate grandkids.

If they both have this unique genetic marker, is it possible that it is Captain America’s genes affected by the Super Soldier Serum that made the cousins immune to Gamma rays? For this theory to work, both their parents must be related to Captain America.

So, according to Hulk, Cap lost his virginity in 1943. The theory continues the timeline suggesting that in 1994, the woman Captain hooked up with, gave birth to fraternal twins, none other than Brian and Elaine Ann Banner.

In 1969, Bruce Banner was born to Brian Banner, and somewhere between 1985-95, Jennifer Walters was born to Elaine Ann Banner. We warned you that the theory is crazy. But it doesn’t mean it’s entirely implausible.

What really makes this theory seem believable is the fact that both their Gamma uniqueness and Cap’s fling are mentioned in the same episode.

Hulk reveals Cap’s affair in the post-credit scene, and it also has to mean something. How does he even know about it? Well, it is possible that Hulk is actually aware that Cap is their grandpa. If this is not a mind-blowing theory, we don’t know what is.

Does the theory seem plausible to you?

Source: Reddit