'Criminal Minds' Returning? Here's What We Know About Season 16

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CBS' long-running crime series ended some time ago, but fans are not tired of waiting for the new adventures of the beloved team.

Paramount is currently reviewing its lineup of television projects, moving away from television toward its Paramount + streaming service. And 'Criminal Minds', which had a reputation as one of the most beloved crime series before the show was canceled in 2020, was announced to move to streaming almost two years ago. Much time has passed since then, but the reboot never premiered, leading fans to believe the project had been canceled. Now, thanks to actor Joe Mantegna visiting the set of the reboot, fans finally know that all plans are still on the table.

According to TV Line, Paramount has ordered a 16th season of the beloved show, which is expected to produce 10 episodes. Other than Mantegna, none of the actors are confirmed to reprise their roles, but given that the reboot is a big comeback for the show, many familiar faces may end up in it.

Many expect Thomas Gibson to return to the series, but some say that because of the actor's aggressive behavior, he will likely be absent for the upcoming 10 episodes.

"Gibson was fired because he had anger management issues that resulted in him physically assaulting a writer. I'd be very, very surprised if they hired him for the revival." – /SageThistle.

Others are against the idea of a reboot altogether, arguing that the original show ended on a fine note and should not be revived.

"I love this show so much. But I think they had an amazing run but they should leave well enough alone. Especially without multiple og's smh just will not be the same. I feel the same way about a reboot of "Friends" it just won't be right." – /Unusual-Recording-40.

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