Cringe Will Reign: Worst House of the Dragon CGI Moments

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House of the Dragon CGI was hit-and-miss in some episodes.

While nailing the dragons' design, the Game of Thrones prequel did not always manage to deliver the best CGI scenes in every episode.

Even though HBO Max's House of the Dragon is undoubtedly a hit, sometimes its visuals could have been better. Redditors have taken a look back at the first season of the show and recalled some of the most cringe-worthy scenes when the CGI failed the crew.

Deer Killed by Viserys

Apparently, a lot of effort went into making the actual dragons, so there was little resource left to invest in other animals. According to Redditors, the deer that Viserys killed during the hunt "looked like it was from a video game".

"I'm really forgiving with CGI. People complain about how fake things look and I'm over here just loving the story, but that deer. I couldn't really pay attention in that scene because it was so bad," Redditor Into-the-stream said.

Rhaenys Disrupting Aegon's Coronation

In episode 9, Rhaenys and her dragon Meleys were the ones to spoil Aegon's celebration of usurping the crown. The Red Queen burst through the dragon pit and almost had all Greens set on fire right there, but Rhaenys refrained from doing that in the last moment.

While dramatic and tense, the scene did not satisfy fans visually because of the "weird glow around her head that did not look right", and the "dragon seemed to shrink to fit through the door."

Dragon Riders

Despite the fact that the majority of fans praised the depiction of dragons in the show, it looks like House of the Dragon has troubles with scenes when the riders are also involved.

"They still have the same problem as GOT, whenever there's a close up of a person on the back of a dragon it looks like they're in front of the worst green screen ever. Otherwise the dragons look great and the riders look realistic until we're up close," Redditor polythene-psychonaut noted.

Luckily, House of the Dragon has a whole new season ahead to fix mistakes and make sure CGI looks realistic all the time, and not just on certain "big" dragon moments.

The premiere date for House of the Dragon season 2 is yet to be announced by HBO Max.

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