Daemon Targaryen's Character May Be Even Darker Than You Thought

Daemon Targaryen's Character May Be Even Darker Than You Thought
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Could this be something to explore in the next House Of Dragon season?

Daemon Targaryen, portrayed by Matt Smith in House Of Dragon series, was never a particularly calm and peaceful character. Being the opposite of his brother, Daemon is a true warrior that wouldn't miss a chance to start the war or get into a fight.

Fans have seen more than enough examples of him being aggressive, cold-blooded, and straight-up cruel toward those who he needs to defeat.

Some would even argue Daemon does not care all too much about those who he cares the most about. For example, Rhaenyra Targaryen, his wife and the mother of his children.

One Reddit fan started a heated argument by pointing out how Daemon seemingly does not care for Rhaenyra while she's in active labor, delivering their children.

This post has truly separated the fandom into two groups, one siding with the OP, and the other defending him and his reactions.

Of course, in the episode Daemon gave more attention to the war than his wife, but wasn't that what he was supposed to do?

Given the fact his wife's throne had been usurped, he was doing everything to ensure their safety, fans mentioned in his defense. Some also recalled the tragic story of his first wife Laena suffering from a complicated pregnancy.

"I love that we've got both "Daemon is an empath" and "Daemon is a sociopath" in the same thread," Reddit user Owls_Onto_You said, later suggesting that he could in fact be both. At least, that's how confusing the character's perception is in the eyes of his own fans.

House Of Dragons premiered on August 21, 2022, and was almost immediately renewed for the second season. Filming for the second season is set to begin in March 2023, so viewers would have to wait until the next year to finally see it.

HBO chief Casey Bloys in an interview with Vulture also confirmed it, saying that there are too many unknowns to give the certain release date so early on.