Daniel Craig 'Sucked' At One Thing During His 007 Debut

Daniel Craig 'Sucked' At One Thing During His 007 Debut
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While the actor looked convincing on screen during Casino Royale's most intense sequence, his co-stars knew he was a complete amateur.


  • After a long and rather bumpy ride, Daniel Craig 's time as Bond came to an end in 2021 with No Time to Die
  • But that doesn't mean the actor's unique take on the character will be forgotten anytime soon
  • However, while he made a strong debut with Casino Royale, he actually had no idea what to do during the movie's most intense sequence

Daniel Craig's time as 007 may be long over, as his last appearance as the character was in 2021's No Time to Die, but his take on the iconic spy will certainly not be forgotten by fans anytime soon.

The most recent series of James Bond films has been rather inconsistent, with some absolute masterpieces like Casino Royale and Skyfall, as well as mediocre spy flicks like Quantum of Solace and Spectre.

The Actor's Performance Gave 007 A New Flavor

Either way, there's no denying that Craig managed to refresh Bond's personality quite a bit, delivering a great performance that was very different from the "sophisticated gentleman" that fans had grown accustomed to.

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While not everyone appreciated the change, many fans enjoyed the new grounded and gritty version of James' adventures, which allowed for a wide range of some impressive and incredibly tense scenes.

However, it seems that there was at least one thing that Craig was absolutely terrible at, and it happened during the production of the very first installment of the then-new series, which was revealed by none other than Mads Mikkelsen.

Craig Was A Complete Amateur When It Came To Poker

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While talking about his most iconic roles in an interview with GQ, Mikkelsen didn't miss the chance to talk about Le Chiffre, who served as the main antagonist throughout most of 2006's Casino Royale.

In one of the most intense sequences of the entire film, Bond and Le Chiffre, along with several other players, were involved in an incredibly important poker game, as the agent's main objective was to make sure the villain didn't win.

According to Mikkelsen, who has been very familiar with the game since childhood, everyone involved in the scene knew how to play, with the sole exception of Craig, who had absolutely no idea and completely "sucked."

Knowing that he had to lose to this amateur in order to stay true to the script was absolutely unbearable for the Danish actor, who jokingly notes that he later got his revenge on Craig during the iconic rope torture scene.

Mikkelsen also pointed out that the hands they played must have looked absolutely insane to anyone familiar with the game, but it was done to make them recognizable to those viewers who don't actually play poker.

Although it is absolutely clear that the franchise will continue someday, it is still unknown who will play the next iteration of 007, and fans are already making crazy bets on who it will be.

Source: GQ

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