Danny DeVito Isn’t Joking When Saying He’s Down For Reprising His Iconic Villain Role

Danny DeVito Isn’t Joking When Saying He’s Down For Reprising His Iconic Villain Role
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The actor may be known as a comedian now, but at some point he was DC's most evil character.


  • Danny DeVito is famous for his comedic roles, but the DC fans know him as one of the most popular villains in the DC’s world.
  • DeVito has been discussing a possibility of reprising his iconic role a lot, but he also happens to have one condition that needs to be met for his come-back.
  • Despite the actor’s enthusiasm, there’s a low chance of seeing him once again in this role given all the speculations concerning the superhero movies.

It seems like DC might follow the MCU ’s suit with the multiverses that reunite actors who got to play the same character — in case Danny DeVito’s wishes are to become true.

The comedian has been recently teasing his famous role of Penguin, Batman ’s fiercest rival, in Tim Burton’s 1992 Batman Returns — and he doesn’t mind bringing the character back to the screen alongside his colleagues.

The latest Oscars ceremony captured a big reunion for the DC’s actors — while presenting one of the awards, DeVito came up to the stage accompanied by Arnold Schwarzenegger who also portrayed Penguin Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin back in 1997.

Danny DeVito Isn’t Joking When Saying He’s Down For Reprising His Iconic Villain Role - image 1

Together they didn’t miss a chance to roast Michael Keaton, who got to play Batman in the 1989’s film of the same name, saying that they both tried to kill the famous superhero pointing out to Keaton who was in the audience.

Now, a month after the iconic encounter between Batman and his rivals, DeVito is bringing his role up yet again. While talking to PEOPLE, the actor revealed that he would be down for playing Penguin once again, especially if it means that he gets to work with Schwarzenegger or Keaton.

And though all of them come from absolutely different reboots of the same story, for Danny DeVito it doesn’t sound like a problem — the actor’s opinion comes to simple “Yeah, why not?”.

Though there’s still one condition that DeVito needs to be fulfilled — Tim Burton being back in the director’s chair. Then, according to DeVito, he “would be there in a second” as the actor had a really good time being Penguin on the set calling him his favorite.

It’s fair to say that now Danny DeVito’s dreamy thoughts do sound quite unfeasible amid everyone’s annoyance from ceaseless superhero movies, but who knows what the actor’s offers will encourage filmmakers for. Given the past movies’ nostalgia trend that’s gaining its momentum right now we’ll probably get to see DeVito once again in his iconic villainous role.

Source: PEOPLE