David Duchovny Doesn't Think X-Files 2 Was a Disaster (For a Solid Reason)

David Duchovny Doesn't Think X-Files 2 Was a Disaster (For a Solid Reason)
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In a money-making business, it’s hard to argue with the profit.

Of course, as viewers, we all want to believe that the projects the studios are moving forward with or expanding are the ones the creators are most passionate about. We want to believe that we're consuming the best stories and that we have a say in the fate of our favorite TV shows or movie franchises.

While this is sometimes true, more often than not, studios are in it for the profits. The entertainment industry is very money-driven, as it costs a lot to produce content and ensure compliance with labor policies.

That's not to say that the cast and crew behind every project don't care about them beyond the paychecks, but the paychecks that ultimately help keep their stomachs full help them find more passion for the art in their hearts.

That's why you might be surprised to learn that in some of the movies that were widely considered flops, the actors didn't mind at all.

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This is definitely the case with David Duchovny and 2008's The X-Files: I Want to Believe, in which the actor reprised his role as Mulder. Though the movie was not well received, partly due to its smaller budget and partly due to the overuse of The X-Files content, the actor didn't find it too bad.

While the team behind The X-Files discussed the films during The Hollywood Reporter's conversation for the oral history project, the actor noted the following:

“The 2008 movie wasn’t a disaster. It made money.”

Despite its unfortunate promotion and not-so-well-received release season, which series creator Chris Carter pointed out in the same talk, I Want to Believe went on to gross a whopping $69 million at the box office. Considering the $30 million budget, the movie was a definite commercial success.

The rest was a matter of the team overcoming bruised artistic egos. And considering how many great things The X-Files fans were blessed with years later, it wasn't a big deal.

If you want to revisit the original The X-Files and join Mulder and Scully on their adventures exploring all things mysterious and paranormal, you can stream the show on Hulu or Disney Plus.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter