DC Delaying a Batman Movie That Fans Have Been Craving for Years

DC Delaying a Batman Movie That Fans Have Been Craving for Years
Image credit: Warner Bros, @yuhkidemers on X

Yuhki Demers revealed that a Batman Beyond animated feature was pitched five months ago, but is still in limbo.


  • Spider-Verse production designer and producer reveals he pitched a Batman Beyond animated feature five months ago
  • Unfortunately, the project has not yet been officially greenlit, much to the frustration of fans
  • Fans have been longing for the return of Batman Beyond for two decades, and this could be their dream come true

Although the DCU has fallen on hard times in recent years and is currently awaiting its upcoming reboot, Warner Bros. has given us several brilliant "side" projects based on DC Comics that were not tied to the big franchise.

2019's Joker and 2022's The Batman proved to be great additions to the superhero genre that weren't shackled by being directly tied to a big film franchise, allowing the films' creators to maintain their artistic vision.

Both movies, unlike the overwhelming majority of DCU films, received an exceptionally warm reception from critics and fans alike, and will soon receive their respective sequels, proving that such an "experimental" format was a success.

Batman Beyond Animated Movie Currently in Limbo

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Unfortunately, not all projects are lucky enough to get the green light right away, as according to Yuhki Demers, who previously worked on the animated Spider-Verse films, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are currently delaying the approval of a Batman movie that fans have been craving for years.

In his post on X, which included some absolutely stunning concept art, Demers revealed that he and Patrick Harpin, known for My Dad the Bounty Hunter, have been pitching an animated feature based on Batman Beyond.

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Though they were initially warned that there was absolutely no way the project would be greenlit, the mood changed for the better as the presentation progressed, but unfortunately they have yet to receive a definitive answer.

For now, Demers and Harpin are hoping that James Gunn himself will approve the project and encourage fans to voice their support for the potential Batman Beyond animated feature.

The Project Could Rival the Success of Spider-Verse

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Considering that Demers worked on the Spider-Verse movies, which were some of the greatest superhero movies in recent years, becoming massively successful and receiving rave reviews, if Batman Beyond sees the light of day, it has a good chance of being just as brilliant.

After all, the concept art looks great and the Batman Beyond TV series, which ran from 1999 to 2001, was absolutely spectacular, so much so that fans still remember it fondly.

Set in a futuristic version of Gotham City with a cyberpunk vibe, it followed Terry McGinnis as he became the second Batman, fighting crime under the mentorship of the now elderly Bruce Wayne.

Fans have been clamoring for a revival of the series for two decades now, and if the Batman Beyond animated movie gets the green light, it will be a dream come true for them.

Would you like to see Batman Beyond finally get greenlit?

Source: Yuhki Demers on X