Dead vs. Pool: Deadpool May Be the Villain In His Third Movie

Dead vs. Pool: Deadpool May Be the Villain In His Third Movie
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Since the first Deadpool movie came out, it was obvious this movie series would be a massive success. In its first weekend, the movie set several box office records, and the second Deadpool performed incredibly well, too. After that, it was crystal clear that we were going to get even more.

Now that we're waiting for Deadpool 3, fans are speculating — as they usually do — about what the movie could be about. There are quite a few theories currently circulating in the community, and we want to share one that we found especially fun.

You see, some fans suggest that Deadpool is going to be his own antagonist in part three. The idea is far from new: many superhero movies have already done it. But with Deadpool, things are bound to be much more fun than usual.

Anyway, why do people believe that Deadpool will have an evil version in the next part?

Firstly, it seems logical as the next arc. In the first movie, we saw Deadpool become who he is now as well as find and protect the love of his life. The second movie showed us Deadpool starting a family of people he cares about and who care about him.

It would only fit the next movie to be about empty nesting and the conflict with oneself as the others move on: some grow up, some return to their timeline… And a fight with your evil version could portray the inner conflict really well.

Secondly, it has a decent justification in the previous film. Remember how the Juggernaut ripped Deadpool in halves? Our beloved top part took quite a while to recover and regrow itself. However, Deadpool's regeneration could imply that somewhere out there, the bottom half also recovered, thus giving us a second — evil — Deadpool.

Alternatively, it could've been done by some mad scientist who'd collected a few of Deadpool's body parts to merge them into a Frankenstein monster.

Thirdly, some think that Deadpool 3 will be the finale of both this series and the Fox universe in general. In this case, a funny movie about two Deadpools beating the pants off each other could become a great last hooray for everyone.

Also, we don't think the writers would pass on an opportunity of showing two unkillable quirky idiots trying to find new creative ways to actually kill each other for good.