Deadpool Being a Part of MCU Changes Everything We Knew About Rocket Racoon

Deadpool Being a Part of MCU Changes Everything We Knew About Rocket Racoon
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You thought Ms. Marvel is the only mutant in the MCU? Think again.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge hit with fans, and the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is already creating a buzz.

Fans are speculating and coming up with their own theories about the movie, and one of the most popular theories is that Rocket Raccoon is actually a mutant.

According to the theory, Rocket being a mutant is entirely possible if Ryan Reynolds ' Deadpool is now part of the MCU canon.

Deadpool showed us that the X-gene is activated by torture, and Rocket's tragic backstory in the third movie made many people think that it could have happened to him and activated his mutant abilities.

MCU writers often change the comic book storylines for the audience to make them more understandable and accessible.

The theory author reminds us that in comics, we have already seen such a character arc, when the High Evolutionary visited Earth and accidentally picked up Rocket, who had exactly the same gene that developed incredible abilities.

"With the MCU making Ms. Marvel a mutant they're not afraid of changing comic lore to make it a softer landing for explaining where mutants have been this whole time," said BlindEditor, the theory author.

Some fans agree with this statement, arguing that such experiments may have allowed High Evolutionary to acquire new powers.

However, the others say that this would undermines the message of the film.

The villain was trying to recreate a life form, but Rocket, like any other creature with consciousness, had something intangible and inspiring that could not be recreated.

Opponents of the theory believe that if the raccoon had an X-gene, the antagonist's beliefs would be partially true, because he could extract DNA and create similar entities.

But as we know, that didn't happen (maybe only for now). With Volume 3 being the final movie of the Guardians franchise, perhaps we'll never know if the theory was true after all.

Source: Reddit