Deadpool & Wolverine May've Just Set Up Doctor Doom's MCU Debut

Deadpool & Wolverine May've Just Set Up Doctor Doom's MCU Debut
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Fans believe they've noticed clues pointing to the iconic villain often associated with the Fantastic Four.


  • First Deadpool & Wolverine trailer is packed with countless references to other projects
  • But there are hints that the movie may also introduce none other than Doctor Doom to the franchise
  • Considering that preparations for Fantastic Four 's inevitable MCU debut are long overdue, now is the perfect time to do so

The first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine has finally arrived, giving us a taste of what to expect from the long-awaited entry into the MCU that is expected to introduce characters from the X-Men film series to the franchise.

But apparently, the new chapter of Deadpool's adventures may do much more than that, as some fans have spotted a hint that the movie may also feature the debut of at least one Fantastic Four character within the MCU.

Fans Noticed A Familiar Figure In The Trailer

The trailer was absolutely packed with all sorts of nods and references to other projects, from the TVA from Loki TV series to Pyro from the original X-Men movies, once again portrayed by Aaron Stanford.

However, it also briefly showed us a mysterious hooded figure that some fans believe to be none other than Doctor Doom himself.

Deadpool & Wolverine May've Just Set Up Doctor Doom's MCU Debut - image 1

While that alone seems like a stretch, the scene of Wade lying down after being thrown by an explosion also features a conveniently placed comic book, 2015's Secret Wars # 5, which just happens to have Doom on its cover.

Considering that the MCU's Fantastic Four movie is already scheduled for release on May 2, 2025, and there has been no sighting of characters heavily tied to the iconic superhero family, this seems like a logical next step for the franchise.

Preparations For X-Men Debut Are Long Overdue

Deadpool & Wolverine May've Just Set Up Doctor Doom's MCU Debut - image 2

With just over a year until the team's first appearance in the MCU, now is the perfect time to start laying the groundwork for their inevitable arrival, and it's hard to pick a better movie than Deadpool & Wolverine.

The rest of the trailer footage clearly implies that Deadpool will be involved in some sort of conflict with the TVA, as he is shown killing agents left and right, and the events of the Loki TV series showed us that messing with their work rarely ends well.

It is within the realm of possibility that all of this will lead to other universes merging with the "main" MCU timeline, leading to the appearance of not only the X-Men, but the Fantastic Four as well.

Either way, fans will get their answers soon enough, as Deadpool & Wolverine is set to premiere on July 26, 2024.

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