Denis Villeneuve Teases 'Dune 2' Story Details

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Screenwriter and director Denis Villeneuve has revealed that Dune: Part Two will begin filming this summer and confirmed that the script is complete.

Filming should start towards the end of this summer and Villeneuve dropped a hint to fans what part two's plot will be about. Specifically, he teased that, unlike the first part where the focus was on the Atreides family, the second film will dig deeper into the story of Atreides' enemies, the Harkonnen family.

"Right now, I’m in what you call ‘soft prep,’ meaning that we are finishing the screenplay. We’ll start storyboards soon. [Dune] Part 2 is being designed right now by [production designer] Patrice [Vermette]. It’s that beautiful part where it’s just dreaming, looking at the ceiling and thinking about the movie, I love it. I mean, it’s like the moment where everything is possible, before we have the shock of reality that will come", Villeneuve told ‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast

'Dune' turned out to be one of 2021's best films, and the sequel is now highly anticipated. 'Dune' premiered in cinemas and on HBO Max last October, garnered mostly positive reviews from critics and audience alike, and grossed around $700 million at the box office on a budget of $165 million. Villeneuve prepared his adaptation to split the 412-page book into two parts. Now the second part got the green light from Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment, so the team will return to shooting the sci-fi drama in a little while.

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