Despite Henry Cavill Leaving DCU, The Flash Will Still Have a Superman Cameo

Despite Henry Cavill Leaving DCU, The Flash Will Still Have a Superman Cameo
Image credit: Legion-Media

Henry Cavill has left the DC Universe and will no longer be playing Superman, but the recent leak suggests that The Flash will still have his cameo. How is that possible?

The rumors of Henry Cavill ’s Superman appearing in the upcoming The Flash movie have been circulating for quite some time now. They’d started prior to the news of Cavill’s exit from the DC Universe, however; after this, fans lost all hope of seeing Henry appear in the cameo one last time.

The situation became a bit more confusing when yesterday, an industry scooper Grace Randolph claimed that The Flash will still receive both a Batman and a Superman cameo at the end of the movie.

Is there a chance that Henry Cavill gets his one last appearance in the DC Universe?

According to Grace, there isn’t: she specifies in caps that it’ll be “NOT Cavill."

The scooper claims that while the cameos will definitely be there, they won’t feature any of the previous-stage DC actors; instead, she claims, those cameos will be “retro and just for fun”. But what does this mean?

Rudolph teases that Superman and Batman in The Flash will be both played by the characters’ older performers who are now “big name actors”. While the exact people were not named, fans already have a fair share of speculations on who it might be.

One of the most popular theories is that DC will use the deep fake technology to pay tribute to George Reeves, one of the first actors to have ever played Superman. Other candidates include Nicolas Cage, who hinted that his Superman’s short appearance was “possible”, and Brandon Routh, who said he’d also do it.

When it comes to who will play Batman, it’s also quite obvious that Ben Affleck is out of the equation. In The Flash, Batman’s cameo could be done by George Clooney or Christian Bale — but the latter is quite unlikely, considering how the scooper called the cameos “retro”.

Long story short, there’s no chance Henry Cavill appears back on screen as Superman even for a few seconds. While it’s disappointing news for many fans, it will also be nice to see a duo like Clooney and Routh come back to their old roles… Or have a wholesome tribute to George Reeves and Adam West.

Source: Grace Randolph on Twitter