Did Bridgerton Foreshadow Colin Inheriting the Featherington State?

Did Bridgerton Foreshadow Colin Inheriting the Featherington State?
Image credit: Netflix

The Regency-era series Bridgerton first aired on Netflix at the end of 2020 and gained massive popularity from the start.

The series follows two main families as they prepare their children to be introduced into society and more importantly, find them appropriate suitors. Bridgeton has a captivating mix of scandal, romance and steamy moments, along with plenty of foreshadowing and hidden clues to keep fans guessing what could possibly happen next.

A brief moment at the end of Season 1 left fans speculating about who they believed will inherit the Featherington Estate, and one answer seems to be very, very popular.

The Featherington family experiences a series of misfortunes in season 1, due to Lord Featherington's gambling problem. After losing most of the family's fortune, he desperately tries to rig a boxing match. He bets the deed to his house on the match and ultimately wins, but is killed after his scheme is discovered.

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Women in this time period were not allowed to be heirs, and Lord Featherington only had daughters, so who would inherit the Featherington Estate? The scene directly after Lord Featherington makes his final bet may hold all the answers.

"You can take the deed to my house, should I lose it's yours".

First fans see Lord Featherington making the bet, then the scene jumps to Colin Bridgerton entering the same place. Could this be some sort of foreshadowing? Fans seem to think so.

Colin could very well be the next heir to the Featherington Estate, if he were to marry one of the Featherington daughters and have a son, he would be in charge of the estate until that son came of age. Out of the Featherington daughters, there is one very possible option, Penelope. Penelope Featherington had been in love with Colin for years, whilst he had no interest in her and pretended not to notice her affections.

Could the next installments of Bridgerton see Penelope and Colin kindling a romance? The pair would work well together and both benefit from a marriage, but in order for this to happen Colin would have to see Penelope as a romantic interest. In the past he has told her that she is special and he will always look out for her but expressed to another man that he has no intention of courting her, which she overheard.

Any fans familiar with Bridgerton producer Shonda Rhimes know to expect foreshadowing, as well as jaw-dropping plot twists and drama when watching anything she has played a role in making. Colin's entrance after Lord Featherington's bet could be a clue hidden in plain sight, letting fans know what is yet to come, or it may be a complete coincidence. The only way to find the answer is to continue watching.