Did MM & Black Noir Get Their Revenge on Soldier Boy in 'The Boys' Finale?

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These two surely had their own things to make Soldier Boy pay for.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 8

Mother's Milk and Black Noir had their issues with Soldier Boy, and the entire season was building up their chance at revenge. But did the two get what they wanted?

In the case of Black Noir, the answer is sadly no: the mute superhero dies at the hands of Homelander, who is infuriated over Noir's silence about Soldier Boy being his father. Even though Black Noir spent the entire seventh episode preparing himself to face Soldier Boy and make him pay for the abuse he rendered, Homelander has effectively cut his revenge mission short.

But MM, for his part, turned out to be way luckier than Black Noir. In the middle of the heated battle between Homelander, Soldier Boy, Butcher, and pretty much everyone else, MM, Kimiko and Starlight attacked Soldier Boy from behind, and MM got his chance to gas Jensen Ackles' character. Naturally, he couldn't resist a little speech about how Soldier Boy is no hero but "just another racist piece of s**t we can't seem to get rid of".

The scene turns out to be somewhat of an homage to how Payback betrayed Soldier Boy and sold him off to the Russians, but this time, it was MM instead of Black Noir.

Mother's Milk does have his own big issue with Soldier Boy, because of one night in Harlem when the supe intervened in a carjacking incident that MM witnessed. MM thought Soldier Boy was going to save the day, so he woke up his grandfather to see the icon in action. Instead, the "icon" did nothing short of throwing the car through the house and onto his old man, killing him and leaving MM hating all superheroes.

Despite Soldier Boy surviving MM's little "revenge", it seems that the latter has at least got his closure. After all, there will be plenty of time to finish the job in season 4, which is due to start filming soon.

The eighth and final episode of 'The Boys' season 3 is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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