Did Snyder Do What Taika Couldn't? Fans Slam MCU's Zeus as "Joke" Compared to DC Version

Image credit: Legion-Media, Marvel Studios

'Thor: Love and Thunder' appears to welcome a diverse pantheon of gods that clearly does not end with just Scandinavian gods. But clearly, superhero movies have been kinder to the Greek god of thunder, Zeus.

In the upcoming Thor sequel, Zeus is set to be portrayed by Russel Crowe, whose take on the Olympian god has already received a great deal of criticism online after the second trailer gave a better look at his character.

One of the scenes from the trailer shows Thor standing up handcuffed in front of Zeus, who then happens to "flick too hard" and blows Thor's modest clothing away.

The scene certainly does not position Zeus as a serious character to reckon with, but rather… "a joke", fans deemed.

Instead, they argued, Taika Waititi should have followed the lead of Zack Snyder, who portrayed Zeus as a muscular and intimidating god, not a "funny uncle"-type of character.

Naturally, the comparison has sparked a thunderstorm, with both camps up in arms.

According to many MCU fans, Zeus' purpose in 'Love and Thunder' is actually serving as a comic relief, and not boasting muscles and lightning.

Besides, Marvel fans add, the Greek mythology actually portrays Zeus in the way closer to Waititi's vision, not Snyder's.

If you are not familiar with the DCEU, Zeus appeared in the Snyder Cut of 'Justice League', leading the coalition of races to battle against the villain Darkseid. In MCU, however, Zeus certainly seems more chill, but we'll have to wait until 'Love and Thunder' premieres on July 8 to see the big picture.

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