Did Taika Waititi Just Shade 'Bridgerton'? Because His Fans Did

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The most popular English-language TV show on Netflix? Never heard of it.

One can have one's own opinion on 'Bridgerton', but hardly anyone is in the dark about Shondaland-produced Netflix take on the Regency-era romance. Except Taika Waititi.

"The f**k is that?" Waititi wondered when doing an Autocomplete Interview with Wired. "I might be in it. I'm so busy that I don't know ... I don't even know the names of my characters… [...] I don't even remember what I've done. I'm probably in 'Bridgerton'. Yes, I'm in 'Bridgerton'!".

That was cold, wasn't it? Surely we can understand that Waititi is currently an A-list director busy with Marvel projects and Star Wars franchise, but the director seems to have prompted a wave of shade on 'Bridgerton' by his nonchalant response.

How did 'Bridgerton' even become the most popular English-language TV show on Netflix if everyone feels Taika so much, we wonder?

One may know that Waititi is not only a director, but can act as well. So chances are was indeed in 'Bridgerton'. We just never noticed.

For those in Taika Waititi mode: 'Bridgerton' is a steamy Regency London drama created by Chris van Dusen and Shonda Rhimes and based on Julia Quinn's collection of novels. After the tremendous success of first two seasons, the show was renewed for third and fourth season in April 2021. Currently, season 2 stands at #1 on the list of Netflix's most-watched English-language TV series, with over 656 million hours watched after first 28 days of release.

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