Did 'The Boys' Just Tease a Thing Between Soldier Boy & The Butcher in 'Herogasm'?

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Most importantly, did someone ask for it?

With the 'Herogasm' premiere right behind the corner, 'The Boys' Twitter account does not seem to take any days off, teasing fans and fueling hopes and concerns connected to Friday's "splooge fest".

This time, the show shared a photo of Karl Urban (The Butcher) and Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy) with a notably wholesome caption. And you know that when 'The Boys' make it extra PG-13, it can mean that there is a strong R incoming.

Fans saw nothing short of not-so-carefully disguised hints at the upcoming orgy. And many people suspect that the Butcher and Soldier Boy might be directly involved in it, with creators possibly on track to have them sharing a couple of highly questionable moments together.

Others decided to be more wholesome while they can – and sprinkle the orgy anticipation with some 'Supernatural' references.

"Maybe Soldier Boy could remind Butcher of the benefits of tying his laces by telling him the urban legend of Sam Winchester, who lost his shoe in a drain because HIS laces were also untied." – @nickurrz.

In the 'Herogasm' comic series, Soldier Boy has sex with Homelander – or, more precisely, Homelander sexually manipulates him, knowing that Soldier Boy desperately wants to secure a place within The Seven.

The TV adaptation is yet to reveal whether Soldier Boy's participation in the orgy will involve Homelander and/or the Butcher. Even if the characters portrayed by Urban and Ackles end up sharing whatever twisted things Herogasm could lead them to, this will certainly be not the only disturbing part of the Friday episode.

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