Didn't Age Well: 3 Surprisingly Bad Movies We Loved as Kids (For Some Reason)

Didn't Age Well: 3 Surprisingly Bad Movies We Loved as Kids (For Some Reason)
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Everyone has a list of movies they really cherished back in the good old days.

Of course, such movies are different for each generation, whether it's The Wizard of Oz, Enter the Dragon, Home Alone, or even The Lord of the Rings. Such classics are always a pleasure to revisit… or are they?

As we grow older, our perception of the world around us changes. That's why some movies should stay on the shelf forever, to avoid further disappointment.

So here they are: the movies you should absolutely not rewatch, lest you ruin your childhood memories, according to Reddit.

The first movie is American Ninja.

Released in 1985, this film represents another wave of American Orientalism influenced by the popularity of the Japanese and Hong Kong film industries of the 70s and 80s.

Nevertheless, the dreams of picking up a katana, becoming a ninja, and destroying all enemies (like all of them at once) were quite popular among children. Unfortunately, those kids have now grown up disappointed in it:

"I loved this movie as a kid. I tried to watch it a year or so ago. Wow, is that movie bad. Really really bad," Reddit user racebannon64 says.

Next on the list is The Boondock Saints (2000), created by Troy Duffy.

The story follows the twins who have received a divine revelation and become vigilantes to cleanse Boston of evil (killing everything that lives in their path).

Yes, it's not the most brilliant (and certainly not the smartest) idea, but it could have been done a lot better:

"My wife and I were recently arguing about this movie, and she disagreed with my take: "a dumb man's idea of a smart movie." We decided to give it a rewatch. At the end she turned to me and said "yeah, you were right," Redditor carcettiforamerica shares.

This unfortunate list ends with arguably one of the worst movies ever made (make way, The Room!).

The Master of Disguise, a 2002 comedy about Pistachio Disguisey, a man who can disguise himself as anyone, on an adventure to rescue his kidnapped parents.

Just don't google Pistachio disguised as a member of the Turtle Club: "The turtle club scene might have been worse than 9/11," Reddit user bizcat concludes.

Of course, we can count dozens of other terrible movies we liked as kids. And as much as they influenced us at the time, maybe it's worth putting those memories behind us.