Disney+ Chart Climber Is the Best Animated Movie of the Last Decade

Disney+ Chart Climber Is the Best Animated Movie of the Last Decade
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

It speaks on the most important things in life through a culture-specific lens.


  • There is a Pixar feature which is destined to inscribe its name in animation history by the ever-relevant issues it explores through bright colors and jokes.
  • It tells a story about a boy who finds himself stuck in the Land of the Dead.

There is an assumption that timeless animated movies are those which touch the strings of the adult viewers too, not only of children attracted to colorful images and charismatic heroes. Today’s Disney+ Global Chart definitely has such a feature in it, and despite the fact that it came out 7 years ago, it didn’t lose not an ounce of its hype.

It revolves around a young boy, who is obsessed with music but, however, is prohibited to become a musician due to the family’s lasting prejudice to it. The point here is that his great-great-greatfather, who left the boy’s grandma, his own daughter, made money that way too. Not really understanding the consequences, the boy is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead, where he decides to find his deceased ancestor.

The fantasy movie, raising topics of life and death, family and dedication not only presents a unique depiction of the otherworld, but also fills it with memorable musical sequences and high-quality humor. Besides, it is deliberately stuffed with clever allusions for other pop-cultural entities, to film and animation history in particular.

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Despite its massive popularity all round the world, it’s quite a culture-specific animated movie, as it was inspired by the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, celebrated on November 1 and 2. It involves featuring traditional costumes, makeover and music, but, more than that, the sensational movie assembles an all-Latino principal cast.

You can recognize here the synopsis of the Pixar-produced 2017 masterpiece titled Coco, which changed the whole game in animation. Before that, the animated features were mostly set in the obstacles of American culture or equally far from the mainstream settings, like 2016’s Moana, the events of which are happening in Ancient Polynesia.

Coco, starring Anthony Gonzalez and Gael García Bernal, managed to speak more about Latino culture, attract the audience of different origins and inspire them to reflect on their own attitude to family and life as a whole. It centers on the most essential themes in everyone’s life, which makes it not only universal, but also an everlasting feature.

If you still haven’t seen this charming picture, plan it as soon as possible, as it’s available on Disney+.