Disney Strikes Again With Yet Another Live-action Remake No One Asked For

Disney Strikes Again With Yet Another Live-action Remake No One Asked For
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It seems that the live-action/hybrid version of The Aristocats will finally see the light of day, now that it has a director.

It seems that Disney just can't stop remaking their animated classics of the past. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan – the list goes on and on with new announcements.

Peter Pan & Wendy will be released on April 28, 2023, followed by The Little Mermaid on May 26.

And now it seems that the list has just been updated with another live-action remake that no one asked for.

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It's been over a year since it was announced that The Aristocats, an animated romantic musical comedy released by Disney in 1970, would be getting a live-action adaptation, and the studio has been quiet about it until now.

Ahmir Khalib Thompson, a musician best known as Questlove, will direct the film.

Described as a "hybrid" between CGI and live action, the film will most likely follow the original story, which revolves around a family of cats who are kicked out of their home by a jealous butler after their owner bequeaths her fortune to her pets.

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Although the fans admit that Ahmir is very talented, they do not believe that his involvement will save the project.

They point out that it is a common practice for Disney to attract creators to do their "creatively bankrupt" remakes just to "get the buzz" because of the famous names to make a profit.

The same thing happened with Guy Ritchie 's Alladin and Robert Zemeckis' Pinocchio, which ended up being extremely underwhelming despite the critically acclaimed creators behind them.

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Fans also grew tired of a never-ending parade of CGI animals, which makes the whole "live-action" aspect highly questionable, as it is nothing more than glorified photorealistic animation at its core.

"[I'm] really tired of CG animals. It was kinda cool in babe, and Jurassic Park is awesome, but how are you gonna have a live action 101 Dalmatians without real dogs? It's such a weird uncanny valley thing.

And now they [are coming] for Aristocats. Every time I see a talking cat it's gonna be cringeopolis. Stop ruining everything! You don't need to squeeze every last drop of revenue out of our collective nostalgia!" Reddit user tlubz said.

They wonder if Disney will ever stop shamelessly exploiting their nostalgia and focus on developing new titles.

A release date for the remake has not yet been announced.