Disney’s Biggest Moneymaker Is Neither Avengers Nor Star Wars

Disney’s Biggest Moneymaker Is Neither Avengers Nor Star Wars
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The company earned billions of dollars in recent years — and showed the fans which franchises contributed the most.


  • The presentation revealed by Disney itself shows that the most grossing franchise for the company was Frozen.
  • Disney also revealed their future plans for expanding all the current franchises.
  • Despite not being the first ones on the recent list, Avengers and Star Wars still hit the box office like no one else.

Last week, Disney revealed some impressive numbers showing what projects not only broke even, but also brought much more of a fortune to the company’s piggy bank.

And even though fans expectedly wanted to see world-famous franchises like Avengers or Star Wars among the first ones on the list, this was not the case — the first place on the ranking is occupied by Frozen which “returned” almost 10 times more of the initial budget of nearly $150 million.

After Frozen goes Toy Story that managed to gain more than 5 times of the investments. The list is ended by highly expected Avengers and Star Wars — the former was compensated by triple the amount of money while the latter was left behind a little by gaining almost 3 times more than its original budget that by the beginning of the franchise was reaching $30 million.

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Not only Disney boasted of their franchises’ success, but they also showed what sequels they’re currently planning.

For Frozen, the company is already at the track by opening Frozen Kingdom in Tokyo Disney Resort this June, while also appearing to have Frozen 3 and Frozen 4 on the list of future films. For Toy Story fans can be sure to expect Toy Story 5, but so far even the company itself can’t provide the exact date.

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The Avengers franchise will receive two new films in 2025 and 2027, while the Star Wars universe will most likely be expanded by 3 more (and so far untitled) films in 2026-2027.

But even regarding this list, Avengers and Star Wars are still on the top of at least the world box office — as the data that Disney provided suggests, Marvel brought the company around 13B dollars and Star Wars almost 12B, which significantly over-balances the initial wastes of Disney when they acquired both franchises in 2009 and 2012 respectively.

Source: The Wrap