Disturbing Homelander Theory Suggests Sexual Assault in 'Herogasm'

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We know we are not ready for the Herogasm episode of 'The Boys' season 3, but just how bad things can be?

For those blissfully unaware, 'Herogasm' is potentially the most controversial 'The Boys' episode yet, even by the questionable standards of the frivolous show, as it is centered around an unhinged superhero orgy. The "unholy week" of 'The Boys' fans awaiting the never-to-be-unseen episode has begun, and people are losing their minds already when thinking about what could happen in the episode.

One of such theories suggests that Homelander (quite predictably) might become the one to be responsible for the most disturbing incident that may happen during the Herogasm. Even though he has already done enough chilling things over the course of season 3, fans fear that he might stoop to sexually assaulting someone during the Vought-sponsored orgy.

In wake of Queen Maeve disappearing in the recent episode and Ashley claiming that she went to a "retreat in Malibu", chances are the said retreat is the location where the Herogasm orgy is set to take place. With Maeve potentially being one of the first "guests", a lot of people fear that Homelander might rape her – or anyone else. But, as always, there's some hope left:

"Everyone who thinks Maeve is gonna be assaulted can hopefully have their minds put at ease when they find out she has no scenes in the herogasm episode… so unless they plan to do something offscreen that the audience don't get to see which I very much doubt, she's fine, just captive," – /babalon124.

In the comic mini-series 'Herogasm' episode is based on, Homelander sexually manipulates Soldier Boy during Herogasm, with the latter being driven by the desire to earn a place in The Seven. Besides, the mini-series also features an actual sexual assault, albeit exercised by another character, Black Noir.

"With everything going on I doubt any of this will be consensual," a concerned fan wrote on Reddit.

The show's creator Erik Kripke, while saying that Homelander and Soldier Boy are not going to have sex in the episode, has made it clear that fans are absolutely right to be concerned. Back in 2021, he shared a tweet featuring his photo where he looks clearly shocked during the first production meeting for 'Herogasm'. 'The Boys' fans, who thought Kripke was "unshockable", realized back then that the episode is clearly something to mentally prepare for.

Still, it's unlikely that any of us is ready for what's coming this Friday. All we can do is wait and keep in mind that anything we can think about may not be the worst thing to happen in 'Herogasm'.

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