'Doctor Strange 2': One Foreshadowing That Everyone Missed

'Doctor Strange 2': One Foreshadowing That Everyone Missed
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Every Marvel Studios production is replete with Easter eggs and subtle hints that fans can find and discuss. But one particular secret of the 'Multiverse of Madness' seems to have been overlooked altogether until recently.

The biggest secret of 'Doctor Strange 2', guarded by Kevin Feige's "no spoilers" policy, was that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen ) became the main antagonist, killing dozens of people in the process. Many fans were shocked by this unexpected revelation, blaming Marvel for ruining their favorite superheroine. But it seems that the film's creative team deliberately left one huge foreshadowing of Scarlet Witch becoming a villain in later installments of the film.

Movie producer Richie Palmer revealed that fans missed one curious detail regarding the character design of one of the film's villains, Gargantos, a massive floating eyeball with a huge set of powerful tentacles. Strange and Wong fought the monster, and the huge evil eye did manage to scare some viewers, so imagine their surprise when the producer explained that the eye used to create this monster actually belonged to none other than Elizabeth Olsen herself!

What a revelation, right? Not surprisingly, many people failed to notice this foreshadowing, carefully woven into the very fabric of the film. Fans, of course, were stunned by the creators' ingenuity, not even bothered that they missed this huge clue.

"These things happen to let us notice them after the movie is released and probably because it's something fun for the creators." – /POCITICIAN.

Others quickly begin to reappraise Gargantos' despicable appearance, joking about his surprising likeability.

"No wonder I kept on feeling Gargantos looked adorable since the first clip they released," –/avatar__of__chaos.