Does New Tinker Bell Make Disney Inclusive, Or Just Lazy?

Does New Tinker Bell Make Disney Inclusive, Or Just Lazy?
Image credit: Legion-Media

In this century of trying to be better inclusivity-wise, Disney is not the only production company doing its fair share to cast more People of Color (POC) in the leading roles.

However, its recent decisions have come under fire, and people are divided. Let's break down why.

Ever since Disney has announced that Yara Shahidi would be playing Tinker Bell in the upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy, the debate in the community has not dialed down.

Many fans are applauding the casting decision and giving it their stamp of approval as "another step towards a more inclusive cinema industry."

Others are calling Disney out for being lazy and making it all about the race. Confused? We were too.

The thing is it all started with The Little Mermaid controversy over the race of Halle Bailey's title character. Since then, fans have been arguing over whether it is a wise decision to recast POC actors in historically white roles.

Does it show that society has finally learned to look past the race factor in the new adaptations of the old movies, or have the production companies simply become too lazy to create new roles suitable for new actors?

For now, the question remains unanswered because there is no consensus.

As for Tinker Bell, people are saying that the character has always been a "blonde white woman", so it just makes no sense to cast Yara Shahidi as she is neither of those things.

These fans claim that they are not being mean or racist, they are simply asking Disney to invest in new movies and write new roles exclusively for POC actors, instead of just making the tiniest little effort so that they could check the inclusivity requirement off the to-do list.

To be honest, it is not that hard to see where the angry fans are coming from...

Nevertheless, we are personally over the moon about The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan & Wendy and cannot wait to see both Halle and Yara kill it in their respective roles.

We are not going to tinker with fate and complain so as not to delay the much-anticipated movies any further!