Don't Put Too Much Hope Into HBO's TBBT Spinoff, It's Not a Priority

Don't Put Too Much Hope Into HBO's TBBT Spinoff, It's Not a Priority
Image credit: CBS, HBO

2025 seems like our best shot so far.

As happy as we are that the WGA strike has ended and that writers have won much better working conditions, we have yet to see how much it has affected the industry. All we have now are endless lists of shows and movies in pre-production that were frozen in time and weren’t picked up during the strike.

Now that the studios are able to move forward with some of this material, they need to set their priorities straight and think strategically about every decision they make. HBO, which promised a plethora of new shows just before the strikes, has now decided to backtrack on some of them.

It looks like Potterheads, The Big Bang Theory fans, and Jon Snow lovers will have to wait a little longer for details on their respective spin-offs.

According to Variety, HBO plans to prioritize the upcoming seasons of those shows that are already airing. This would include House of The Dragon, which still needs some reshoots with the writers on set, The White Lotus, Euphoria, and The Last of Us.

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All of the above are confirmed to have more seasons, and it's safe to assume that depending on their pre-production status before the strikes, they'll premiere in late 2024. But that would also require producers to rethink their strategy in negotiations with the SAG-AFTRA union, which don't seem to be going so smoothly.

Writing scripts is only half the job, and in order to film all the necessary content, major studios and networks will have to actively seek common ground with actors. As hopeful as industry professionals are after this significant victory in the fight for the writers' rights, the actors' demands are still being disputed or ignored.

As for the new development, the positive prognosis would be to see these projects in active production stages at the beginning of 2025.

Although there is no confirmation from any HBO representatives, it seems that none of the previously planned projects have been dropped as a result of the strikes, so you can still expect them to come to your screens. Keep an eye out for more news and behind-the-scenes updates!

Source: Variety