Drogon or Caraxes: Here's Who Would Win in a Fight, According to Reddit

Drogon or Caraxes: Here's Who Would Win in a Fight, According to Reddit
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Yes, we know this battle will never take place. But that doesn't mean we can't speculate over who would win.

Drogon vs Caraxes sounds like an intriguing enough concept for 'House of the Dragon ' fans to speculate about, and it's really a question of whether raw size and power can be defeated by a ferocious and experienced fighter – at least according to Reddit.

So, let's start by looking at Drogon. This dude is enormous and immensely strong. So much so that he was compared to Balerion. Indeed, there is a school of thought that says he is the reincarnation of the Black Dread.

Drogon is certainly the biggest of Daenerys' dragons, and we're told that his wingspan was 120 feet (36.5 meters) from tip to tip. When he flapped his wings, it sounded like thunder and could literally make the ground shake.

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And he's pretty destructive too, wiping out half of King's Landing by himself. In fact, he left a trail of destruction behind him wherever he went. And let's not forget that he melted the Iron Throne.

One thing that really sets Drogon apart is the speed with which he grows. And it's his size and strength that saw him compared with Balerion.

So, surely he's got what it takes to defeat Caraxes, no?

Well, when it comes to size, we know Caraxes is very much in the shadow of Drogon. We don't know exactly how big Caraxes is, but we are told he's around half the size of Vhagar, who herself was second only to the great Balerion in size.

But we also know that it was Caraxes who killed Vhagar. Sure, that fight led to his own death too. But only after he crawled out of the sea and made his way to the walls of Harrenhal. And that goes to show just how tough he was. Although, to be fair, Vhagar was 181 years old by the time she was defeated.

There's also the fact that we don't know what happened to Drogon – let alone what size he reached. If he was already being compared to Balerion (and bearing in mind dragons don't stop growing) there's every chance he could have become the largest dragon ever.

When it comes to Caraxes, he was never described as particularly large – or even massively strong. What he was, was fierce. At one time, he was rarely seen outside of a trio that also consisted of Vhagar and Meleys. Whether Drogon would have been a match for the threesome is questionable. And while that may not sound like a fair fight, dragons aren't exactly known for sticking to the rules.

So, it's decision time. Who would win a fight between Drogon and Caraxes?

The main argument for Caraxes coming out on top would have to be his killing of the mighty Vhagar. The fact that he was mortally wounded himself yet still managed to tear out the throat of one of the biggest dragons to ever live suggests that, given a similar opportunity in a fight with Drogon, he might just be able to bring down his younger adversary.

But Drogon may well have been bigger, stronger, and more powerful than Vhagar. So, there's a strong case for suggesting that, if Vhagar was herself slain in the process of killing Caraxes, then Drogon would have fared better.

Maybe he would have been injured but survived. On the other hand, he might have been the second of the two to die after the fight.

But there is one fact that we cannot gloss over when considering who would win a fight between Drogon and Caraxes. That comparison with Balerion.

Balerion was not just a bit bigger or a little stronger than other dragons. He remains the undisputed biggest and best ever. And any dragon that can even come close to being spoken of in the same breath would have to be immense!

Caraxes is much loved and will go down in history as one of the best ever – but to suggest he could defeat Drogon seems a bridge too far.