Dune 2 Most Epic Moment Actually Has a Deeper Meaning

Dune 2 Most Epic Moment Actually Has a Deeper Meaning
Image credit: Legion-Media

This is the scene that viewers expect to see the most.

In the recently released trailer for Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part Two, viewers got to see Paul Atreides' first ride on a sandworm, and it's certainly the scene that most viewers are looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

But why is this episode so important to the story?

In Frank Herbert's fictional galaxy, the desert planet Arrakis is the only habitat for sandworms. The largest of the worms described in the original novel was over 2,700 meters long and 50 to 300 meters in diameter.

These worms are attracted to vibrations, making it dangerous to travel the planet on foot or in vehicles. As a result, most humans prefer to travel by ornithopter.

But Fremen, one of the nations of Arrakis, don't use ornithopters. They have adapted to life with sandworms and usually settle on rocky surfaces where the worms cannot reach.

And if they need to distract the creatures, they use a seismic device that makes a drumming sound. And yes, Fremen also ride sandworms.

Once on top of the worm, they use a wedge-shaped device – a hook that creates a gap between two segments.

This allows the sand to enter the worm, irritating the beast and preventing it from returning to the sandy depths. By installing a few hooks, the Fremen can ride the sandworm like a bus.

Riding sandworms is an inseparable part of Fremen culture, so it was essential for Paul to complete this task in order to be fully integrated into the Fremen community.

Moreover, riding a worm is not only a way to master the creature, but also to pass the rite of initiation that is mandatory for every man.

It's also a great way to go into battle – especially when you're armed with gigantic blades made from the nearly indestructible fangs of a sandworm.

As part of the sandworm's life cycle, its larvae produce a substance known as melange or the spice, which is the most important substance in the galaxy.

The narcotic product is highly addictive, and resembles cinnamon in taste and smell. Melange is also a substance necessary for interstellar navigation.