Dune: Messiah Receives an Incredible Update from Hans Zimmer after Part Two Release

Dune: Messiah Receives an Incredible Update from Hans Zimmer after Part Two Release
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Dune: Part Two hasn’t even been out for a day, and the famous composer Hans Zimmer had already spoiled the future of the cinematic franchise.


  • Dune: Part Two has been released for less than a day, and it already has hundreds of positive reviews.
  • The movie’s sitting on an outstanding 95% score both from critics and the audience on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Hans Zimmer, the movie’s composer, revealed that director Denis Villeneuve had already given him Dune: Messiah to work on, so expect Dune 3 soon.

After the overwhelming success of Denis Villeneuve’s first Dune, it was clear that the massive Frank Herbert’s novel’s adaptation will receive at least one sequel. On March 1, 2024 Dune: Part Two was finally released, and not a full day has passed by now that we already know about the third movie’s status thanks to Hans Zimmer.

Hans Zimmer Teases Dune: Messiah

One of the most prestigious and beloved movie composers, Hans Zimmer was the obvious choice for the Dune movies; few people are capable of capturing the essence of a film as vividly as he does with his soundtracks. Zimmer started working with director Villeneuve at the first movie, and their collaboration still keeps going.

“Of course, [there will be more movies]. Denis comes in on the second day of shooting, and wordlessly puts Dune: Messiah on my desk, and I know where we’re going and I know we’re not done,” the composer shared with Variety.

Thanks to Zimmer, we learned that Dune 3 is not only greenlit but is also already being worked on. The composer himself has clearly been involved in its production for quite some time now considering he’d received the Messiah book from Denis Villeneuve as early as the very start of Dune: Part Two’s production.

Dune: Part Two Is Universally Beloved

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While a rare case with big-budget movies as of late, the second installment of Dune is seemingly met with nothing but positive responses — from critics and viewers alike, which is even more rare!

On Rotten Tomatoes, Dune: Part Two is absolutely killing it so far. Both the movie’s Critic Score and Audience Score are sitting at a whopping 95% as of the time of writing, and we don’t expect the numbers to drop.

A few of the top critics expressed negative opinions about Dune 2, but they are by far the absolute minority. The audience seems to love the movie, too, and that’s the only thing that matters, really; we’re quite eager to see how the film performs over its opening weekend. Worry not, we’ll let you know about it first thing on Monday!

Source: Variety