Dune: Part Two Ending Means More Than You Think

Dune: Part Two Ending Means More Than You Think
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How the finale of the sequel differs from the novel and what it means to Villeneuve’s franchise.


  • Dune: Part Two features a more devastating ending than the book, changing its mood on a tragical one on the way to the continuation of the franchise
  • Denis Villeneuve hopes for a third Dune film, with a script already in the works

Spoilers for Dune: Part Two ahead!

When Denis Villeneuve released the first Dune movie nobody wasn’t sure whether it would be possible to adapt the whole Frank Herbert’s classic saga on big screen due to the enormity of the potential difficulties and expenditures and quite a complicated fantastic lore.

Hopefully, as Dune: Part Two premieres in theaters on March 1, fans will have the opportunity to support filmmakers to make further sequels.

Critics and fans, who have already seen the movie, admitted the final scenes changes the tone of the original and prepares us for a probably bolder continuation of the franchise. Villeneuve altered not the state of the things from the books, but the level of heaviness of the atmosphere, featuring the events in a more tragic light.

In the finale of the second act we acknowledge Paul Atreides (played by Timothée Chalamet) has won the throne of Arrakis, taking the ocean of blood of his supporters and the Fremen fighting with him in the holy war for granted, as we see him turning into a relentless emperor.

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This metamorphosis is shown rather in a more devastating way than in the first book, warning about its possible consequences to the following events.

The very final moments of Dune 2 feature Chani (Zendaya ) who is disillusioned by Paul’s insane gambit for power, which Paul is strictly rejecting saying “She’ll come to understand…”. This line is building a bridge towards the events of Herbert's next book, Dune Messiah, in which events take place over a decade after the holy war.

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This way Villeneuve leaves a cliffhanger to the potential continuation, still remaining faithful to Herbert’s climax of the original books and being a huge fan of them since childhood.

“The Dune book ends with the beginning of something that is out of control, and I thought this was a very powerful ending,” he admitted to Vanity Fair.

Moreover, he is already working on the script for the next sequel, ready to go back to the sands of Arrakis for a third time, but to make it somewhat different from the first two movies.

Come and watch the rise of Muad’Dib and the fall of the young Paul Atreides on March 1.

Source: Vanity Fair