Eddie Munson Vampire Theory Explains How He Can Return in Season 5

Eddie Munson Vampire Theory Explains How He Can Return in Season 5
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There's no doubt about it, Stranger Things season four was a huge success for Netflix. It was the first season of the series to reach number 1 in a whopping 83 countries. It also reached the top 10 in all of Netflix's 93 tracked countries!

It also was one of the show's darkest seasons, if not the darkest. The well-loved characters' fate falls into the hands of Vecna who is ruling the Upside Down and gaining in strength to take over Hawkins. It wasn't just Vecna that was a new character for the season, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn ) joined the cast. Unlike Vecna, the Hellfire Club metalhead dungeon master quickly became a fan favorite.

Like a bat out of hell…

Unfortunately for fans, it seems that Munson's role was only destined for one season. Towards the end of season 4, the show sees Munson act as a deterrent allowing the rest of his friends to put an end to Vecna. However, Munson ends up sacrificing himself to Vecna's hell bats and dies in Dustin's arms, declaring that it is finally his year – paying reference to his canteen monologue at the start of the season.

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But did Eddie Munson really die? Is there any chance of a resurrection?

The Duffer Brothers say not. And Quinn confirmed he was only cast for one season.

But wouldn't that be a fun twist?

The truth is, though, that anything could happen. After all, it's a science-fiction series that already has many unbelievable twists of fate. Who's to say Munson couldn't come back in some form? At least, that's what some fans are hopeful of.

One fan theory that's gone viral is that Eddie could well return as Vecna's henchman, Kas, a D&D vampire.

Vecna's creation

Season four reveals that it was Eleven who created a monster in the Upside Down, right from Hawkins' lab. Becoming an explorer of the underworld, he creates a spider-like entity from particles – what we've come to know as "the Mind Flayer" in previous seasons.

It's only in season four that the Mind Flayer is substituted for Vecna after the group theorizes his existence after a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Kas the Bloody Handed/the Destroyer

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As Vecna is one of D&D's most haunting villains, it's clear to see how the Duffer Brothers have focused heavily on the game throughout season 4. The exploration of the 1980s Satanic Panic linked to the game is also highly evident.

In the first episode of the season, Eddie introduces a D&D campaign in which the players must defeat Vecna. It's Mike that mentions Kas, a human vampire who has a sword and shield. He's Vecna's most-trusted lieutenant who winds up betraying him after serving him loyally for many years.

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, legend has it that Vecna turns Kas into a vampire and gifts him his sword.

What's to say then that Eddie couldn't come back as some sort of Kas character? Many fans are theorizing this as a possibility. Could Vecna use Eddie's body in some way?

Do we really, honestly, need a vampire Eddie?

Fan puppet theory

Fans have spotted many key moments and references in the season that predict Eddie's fate and have used these references to suggest where this story could be taken further.

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On Eddie's forearm, there is a tattoo featuring a swarm of bats. It's only when re-watching the season can viewers see this foreshadowing of his death. Another tattoo is of a satanic creature in charge of a string puppet, which links heavily to Metallica's "Master of Puppets", the song Eddie plays to attract the bats away from Vecna's lair. Could this hint towards Vecna using Eddie as a puppet in season 5?

Weapons of choice

Another thing that links Eddie to Kas in season four is his chosen battle gear. His sword and shield are like those Kas use in D&D. The weapons aren't just a second thought, they're clearly portrayed and used in bat-saving defenses until Eddie meets his end. Could this be a sign?

Why Eddie had to die

For many, Eddie's death just makes sense in terms of his character development. He's wrongfully framed and seen as Hawkins' Satanic cult leader and serial killer. It's an accusation he's unable to get away from even when more deaths occur and he's nowhere near.

What's more, Eddie's sacrifice and untimely death give the season and plot closure. After showing how he previously would run away and avoid confronting danger, he ends by telling Dustin, "I didn't run away this time, right?"

When will we know?

Fans will just have to wait until season five is out to confirm their Kas vampire theory. The Duffer Brothers began plotting out their season five plans in August 2022 and have confirmed Eddie's death would impact the season heavily. As for Joseph Quinn? He's not been invited back to filming just yet…

If Eddie Munson returns as a vampire, what should his signature vampire power be?