Eddie's Pointless Death Was The Biggest Stranger Things Mistake

Eddie's Pointless Death Was The Biggest Stranger Things Mistake
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Fans loved season 4, but they still can't forgive the loss of Eddie Munson.

If you ask a Stranger Things fan what was the most frustrating moment of season 4, chances are high they will say "Eddie's death". Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn ) being killed off was disappointing not just because people liked him a lot but also due to how it fell in line with the notorious Stranger Things tendency to get rid of the likable characters that are introduced in the beginning of the season.

Eddie fell victim to a swarm of demobats in the Upside Down when the Hawkins gang went there to distract Vecna and try to hunt him down. The Hellfire Club leader died a heroic death, even though he would deem himself a coward throughout the entire season.

However, his charisma and weird vibe clicked with many fans, but fears that he will be killed off in the end of the season emerged from the very first episode — only to end up being true.

The Most Gruesome Stranger Things Death is Also the Most Heartbreaking

According to fans, sticking with the tradition of killing new fun characters in season 4 was Stranger Things' biggest mistake.

"[T]hey're scared to kill off the original cast and while it was an emotional death, it makes more sense to me to kill off someone original rather than the most expected one who only had one season," Redditor BlackBandit123 said.

The original cast has indeed remained notably intact throughout all four seasons, even though fans traditionally worry about Steve Harrington ahead of every new season's premiere. This time, Sadie Sink 's Max Mayfield ended up almost being dead — but the fact that the showrunners are seemingly unwilling to kill the original cast off, she is likely to survive her coma and reappear in season 5. Some fans are not okay with that. They would prefer Max being killed instead of Eddie.

According to fans, "when the stakes are high, they should at least kill someone with more significance".

"They always kill new characters and Eddie dying could been seen from miles away," Reddit fan Spikeyspandan argued.

Many fan theories have already emerged suggesting that Eddie will be coming back — not least due to his sudden popularity and the fan cult around Joseph Quinn that does not seem to be going anywhere. One of the most popular fan theories claims that Eddie will return as vampire Kas, a creature from Dungeons & Dragons who was the one to kill Lord Vecna.

Stranger Things 4 Biggest Plot Hole Might Have Been Intentional After All

With Stranger Things, no one can ever be sure what to expect — so maybe there is a chance for The Hellfire Club leader to play a game with Vecna once again.

Season 5, which will be the final one for Stranger Things, is already in the works, but the premiere date remains to be scheduled.