Stranger Things 4 Biggest Plot Hole Might Have Been Intentional After All

Stranger Things 4 Biggest Plot Hole Might Have Been Intentional After All
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You think the Duffer brothers just forgot the main character's birthday? Not so fast.

After fans spotted that no one seemed to remember Will's birthday in Stranger Things season 4, it was immediately labeled as the season's biggest plot hole. Indeed, at the beginning of the season we see Mike, El and Will skating and paying absolutely no attention to the fact that the date is March 22 — Will's birthday that no one seems to be celebrating.

Many people thought it was just reckless of the showrunners to not spot the date. However, there is an immensely popular fan theory that claims that this is actually no coincidence.

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Of all available dates, the showrunners chose to go with March 22 for the day the trio went skating. According to the so-called "birthdaygate theory", it's not a plot hole but a massive indicator that Vecna has somehow erased everyone's memories about Will's birthday.

The title card for the first episode tells us the date is March 21, 1986. The next day is Will's birthday — we know that from season 2, when Joyce Byers, desperate to save her son from the Mind Flayer, reminds him of that.

"When Will is possessed in S2 and tied down to a chair, everything said in that scene has been changed in S4. This makes sense because while in the chair, Will's eyes are brown, meaning Mike/Joyce/Jonathan were actually telling Vecna important information about Will that he could manipulate," Redditor curelullaby noted.

Many fans suspect that Will is somehow connected to Vecna, which could explain how the younger Byers knows that the villain is not going to stop until he haunts down everyone. Will was the one to suffer from the Upside Down the most, so fans believe that he might be tied to Vecna in a way similar with Harry Potter 's connection to Voldemort.

The Duffer brothers, however, were quick to assure the fandom that they indeed forgot about Will's birthday in season 4, but the most attentive Stranger Things fans simply refuse to buy that. The directors' denial, they argue, might be just a cover for a future big plot twist.

"The Duffers saying they forgot wills birthday is actually them dropping the hint that everyone is forgetting they're not lying it's literally what happening BIRTHDAYGATE IS REAL." – @s5wiII

In fact, season 4 had another case of "birthdaygate" foreshadowing, according to fans.

"I think there's a lot of continuity mistakes in birthdaygate but it does stick out to me how in the pizza kitchen, Jonathan brings up a memory to will and goes "do you remember…" "c'mon you don't remember?? well, I remember like it was yesterday." Foreshadowing perhaps." – @buckyswill

You want more? There is more: even the story Lucas is reading to Max when she is in a coma is also conveniently about forgetting something.

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It seems that there is a big chance that the "birthdaygate" theory might be exactly something the Duffer brothers are preparing for season 5. However, we will not get to know that before the fifth and final season of Stranger Thing premieres.

The release date is yet to be scheduled, but the writing has been underway since August.