Eerie Pirates Of The Caribbean Theory That Changes Everything About Elizabeth

Eerie Pirates Of The Caribbean Theory That Changes Everything About Elizabeth
Image credit: globallookpress

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise seems to have retained its popularity through the years.

Its fans write stories, rethink the canon plot lines, and spin theories. Here's an unorthodox one, concerning the franchise' major character.

Adventurous and audacious, Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of governor Weatherby Swann kidnapped by pirates early in the plot, took to the pirates' way of life and freedom like a duck to water, or rather like a parrot to a pirate's shoulder.

As the story progressed, she became the captain of the Black Pearl, first female in this role. Atop of these, Redditor shawsown speculates she might be... the Goddess of Death.

The theory is built of the notion that Tia Dalma, who happens to be Calypso, the Goddess of the Sea, didn't remember her divine nature, bound by a curse, until she was released as a deity.

Neither may Elizabeth. There are further some parallels drawn between them. For example, both their hearts were broken by the men (or male-like creatures) they loved.

But there are differences that help us recognize the goddess of death, not sea, in Elizabeth. What do you think the main one might be? Surprisingly, it is the kiss.

"When Calypso kisses a lover they become wild & untamable like the sea. Davey Jones loses himself to a storm of emotion & betrays his love.

[…]Every man that is even a potential lover for Elizabeth Swann dies. Frequently right after they get a kiss from her. Nortington, Sao Feng, Jack, & Will," the theory reads.

The rationale behind shawsown's theory is that Calypso didn't want to perform functions of an afterlife deity which is why she had to hand them over to someone else. This someone else was, apparently, Elizabeth.

While all this may sound like a lunatic's daydream, it offers an interesting perspective on the beloved franchise, the 6th and last film of which hasn't yet been announced.