Elsbeth Fans Won’t Accept Season 2 Without One Major Change

Elsbeth Fans Won’t Accept Season 2 Without One Major Change
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It’s already getting too repetitive.


  • Elsbeth is a CBS crime procedural that follows the titular character, Elsbeth, an attorney with a detective's mind.
  • Although Elsbeth is a spin-off of The Good Wife and The Good Fight, it works as a standalone series.
  • The only problem fans have with the show is the countless repetition of the same formula, no matter what the case.

There is no show that everyone doesn't love, because every idea has its own audience. The hard part is finding it among the many cable TV viewers and capturing their attention. Elsbeth, a 2024 addition to the CBS schedule, managed to find its own audience and has already been renewed for a second season thanks to its performance.

However, just like any other show, it received a fair share of critical reviews, all pointing out the repetition in the way Elsbeth handles cases. Hopefully, armed with the feedback from the audience, the team behind the show will make it even more exciting in season 2.

Is Elsbeth Good?

The quirky character of Elsbeth Tascioni originated in the universe of The Good Wife and got so much attention that she got her own TV series. Portrayed by Carrie Preston, Elsbeth is the kind of character you'd want to hang out with after a long day at work.

She is funny, yet smart and caring, and her brilliant mind makes any investigation seem like a walk in the park.

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However, this presents a problem that several Elsbeth viewers have noticed. As much as they love to see the protagonist succeed again and again, all of Elsbeth's episodes seem to follow the same scenario, which of course makes the stakes much lower. What's the point of worrying if we know Elsbeth will save the day?

As Redditor sprknl pointed out in their post on the r/ElsbethTVSeries subreddit, the repetition has become far too obvious for her liking.

“So far every episode has basically been the same: murder, Elsbeth gets involved and noticed something the regular investigators don’t, the regular investigators have the wrong suspect and think the case is closed, Elsbeth notices more things, she’s able to miraculously prove her theory, and the murder gets solved.”

While the formula is obviously working, as viewers continue to tune in to CBS for more Elsbeth, one of the things that's very important for any cable TV series is dynamic development.

So far, with only one season to judge, Elsbeth is doing great. But once the second season with the same stories hits the screen, the response could be drastically different. Until season 2 arrives, you can catch up on the first chapter of Elsbeth by tuning into the show every Thursday on CBS or streaming the episodes you missed on Paramount Plus.

Source: Reddit