Elsbeth's Most Annoying Plot Device Slowly Turning Into a Plot Hole Now

Elsbeth's Most Annoying Plot Device Slowly Turning Into a Plot Hole Now
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At this point, the show needs to do better already.

For any fan of the detective genre, CBS' Elsbeth is truly a breath of fresh air. If you, like us, are tired of grumpy and sarcastic leading detectives, Ms. Tascioni is here to save you, just you wait when she's finished checking out all those lovely New York City sites!

A spinoff for The Good Wife, Elsbeth works as a solo show for Carrie Preston's character for many reasons. It's light-hearted, it's exciting, it's fun even, and many fans are already comparing it to Columbo — a 1971 detective show that also never bothered to keep its secrets and entertained people just by showing them the main detective finding his way to the truth.

However, one particular detail about Elsbeth season 1 is starting to drive fans crazy. Watch out for heavy spoilers ahead!

Elsbeth Season 1 Has a Major Problem It Needs to Fix

We start off by joining Elsbeth on her journey to being a detective in New York City after serving as a lawyer in Chicago. Her first case, where she is investigating a "suicide" by a young actress and immediately realizes it was a murder, wasn't so easy for her. After all, she came to New York to simply observe the investigation process and not meddle with it!

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This is why officers don't trust her in the first series: she's not a detective, so her theories receive sarcasm at best and annoyance at worst. However, over the course of the season, Elsbeth keeps getting things right — it's only fair that the officers finally start listening to her... right?

"She seriously has been right each and every time but each time there is a new case they look at her crazy for her theories as if this was the first case she has ever been on and that she doesn't have skills. I get there are big egos in the NYPD but the fact Elsbeth can crack the case and be right about who the killer was should be the focus here," Redditor IhavemyCat said.

Some people have already come up with lazy writing accusations, arguing that having Elsbeth downgraded to an underdog who has to fight to be heard every time is a sitcom-level mistake.

NYPD's Lack of Trust in Elsbeth Has a Potential Explanation

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Even though it can be quite annoying to watch the "always-right" detective being treated like an "always-wrong" rookie, some fans think that we need to reach the end of the season to know the truth about it.

"Well I think because the captain is hiding something for one. Isn't she supposed to be watching him on the downlow? He's now suspicious she may be so isn't going to give her any more freedoms or encouragment than he has to," Redditor ancientastronaut2 suggested.

Indeed, in the very first episode, it is revealed that Elsbeth's actual job is to try and unearth a corruption scheme that the Justice Department suspects Captain Wagner has been using. And, given that the season is not over yet, it seems that NYPD's constant lack of trust in Elsbeth will be explained, and it's not just a plot hole but Wagner's attempts to save himself.

Elsbeth Season 2: All We Know

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Despite the accusations in lazy writing, fans genuinely enjoy the show — it has 92% from critics and 81% from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing.

Elsbeth has been greenlit for a second season just recently, but plot details or release date remain unknown.

When Does a New Episode of Elsbeth Come Out?

The first season is yet to conclude, with 5 episodes to be released.

On April 26, the newest sixth episode comes out on CBS, so tune in not to miss it!