Elsbeth Season 2 Really Needs The Good Wife Cameos to Win

Elsbeth Season 2 Really Needs The Good Wife Cameos to Win
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Whatever the creators say, these two are indeed related.


  • The Good Wife came to its end back in 2016 after seven years of television run, but its story hasn’t yet ended and already resulted in two spin-offs one of which has just got a promising future.
  • Elsbeth, CBS’ brand new crime drama, derives from The Good Wife’s character Elsbeth Tascioni who now gets to solve crimes in New York City.
  • Fans are sure that the show’s next season may have all the reasons to bring some familiar characters from the original show back to the screen.

The political drama show The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies may have ended its run of seven years back in 2016, but the show’s universe keeps expanding to this day.

Now that CBS has given an entire brand new show to The Good Wife’s cameo character, the idea to mix it all up and bring more of familiar faces back to the screen seems even more tempting — at least for the devoted fans.

The original show follows Alicia Florrick, a housewife with two kids to raise and an ended career of a successful attorney under her belt. After Alicia’s husband Peter gets into a public sex scandal and then is taken to jail for political corruption, her life’s new reality forces Alicia to come back to her professional roots in a need of providing for her children.

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The show soon introduces a recurring character Elsbeth Tascioni, an eccentric lawyer who forms a part of Peter’s legal defense team. Being a rare face on the screen first, Elsbeth later on makes more frequent appearances bailing Alicia out when the latter gets in trouble with the Treasury Department.

Eventually the quirky character’s nonstandard approach to dealing with her career’s hardships won her an entire spin-off that kicked it off earlier in February. Elsbeth, the brand new police comedy drama, finds its main character being over her successful career back in Chicago and now working alongside the NYPD.

Considered a weirdo, Elsbeth doesn’t get a very warm welcome on the new spot and accidentally makes it even worse by proving how good she actually is at solving crimes.

Elsbeth Renewed For Season 2: What to Expect?

Now that the show has been renewed for yet another season, fans have all the reasons to expect Elsbeth’s encounters with her past colleagues, even though she’s dealing with the criminal world in another city now.

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Some even picked up an alleged hint that appeared in the pilot episode where Elsbeth’s position is seemingly jeopardized by Cary Agos, her fiercest competitor from Chicago.

Whether it’s a real plot hint or just a skilful insertion, it will still take some time to find out as Elsbeth’s renewal news came in only a couple of days ago.