Elsbeth Showrunner Knows Exactly What Makes Her Better Than Columbo

Elsbeth Showrunner Knows Exactly What Makes Her Better Than Columbo
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The detective character got a bit of retouch in this case.


  • Elsbeth ’s season 1 is coming to its end this week, and the fans are surely craving for more as they yet have to wait till the second season arrives anytime soon.
  • The show’s first season has been compelling to watch for numerous viewers, and Elsbeth’s showrunner knows the exact reason why.
  • According to him, Elsbeth as a detective character still shares some features with other similar TV characters, yet she still has unique traits that make her attract so many fans across the world.

With the first season’s finale coming in already this week, Elsbeth has surely cemented its status as one of the CBS’ top shows in the upcoming years. Ever since it hit the network in February, the series has been a top-notch detective story that eventually received a pretty deserved renewal for yet another season.

Though the detective genre isn’t something uncommon on modern TV with all the diversity of versatile characters embarking on their proper investigations, there’s still something very unique that Elsbeth brings into the genre, and the series’ showrunner knows exactly what his brainchild’s zest is.

Initially introduced in a cameo role in the 2009 political drama show The Good Wife, Elsbeth’s eponymous character now comes up on the main stage proving that she’s far more than just an observer.

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Portrayed by Carrie Preston, Elsbeth carries out her own investigations that are shown from quite a peculiar perspective, starting from proofs of who the killer is and ending with how the latter did it all.

While talking about the show at Gold Derby’s special Meet the Experts Q&A event, Elsbeth’s showrunner Jonathan Tolins didn’t miss a chance to highlight in what way the series differs from other shows of the same genre.

According to him, the series’ overall tone is what sets it apart from anything else on the modern TV and, though Elsbeth indeed has some features (her quirkiness in particular) that she shares with other famous TV detectives like Columbo or Monk, she still has something of her own which makes her that compelling to watch.

Tolins later on clarified that he finds Elsbeth truly unique because she “brings a particular enthusiasm and kindness to every scene she’s in” while also being able to take the strain off in the presumably strict atmosphere of the police procedural drama, thus setting a much more good-humored pace to the show.

According to Tolins, this way all the dull procedures that the storyline has to deal with have “something fun about it that we’re having a good time with”.

Elsbeth’s season 1 finale is set to be aired on May 23.

Source: Gold Derby