Elsbeth Star Just Dropped a Massive Season 1 Finale Spoiler

Elsbeth Star Just Dropped a Massive Season 1 Finale Spoiler
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Big changes are already on the way for the next season.

Elsbeth ’s season 1 finale is set to hit CBS tonight, and now it seems like the show will leave its fans wondering about quite many things that will unfold in the next installment.

The series’ penultimate episode, released last week, proved that there’s a highly emotional ending with a very possible cliffhanger coming in and, while there’s not so much time left to finally see how things will eventually turn, some major changes are now pretty much confirmed by one of Elsbeth’s main actors.

Elsbeth’s ninth episode titled Sweet Justice shows a bittersweet outcome for the main character’s personal investigation that she’s been on since the very beginning of the season. By the end of it, Elsbeth is finally convinced that she’s got nothing on her boss Wagner who she’s had strong suspicions about all along, and, as she’s about to celebrate such closure with her colleague and friend Kaya, Wagner unexpectedly drops a bombshell on Elsbeth, saying he’s been aware of her digging up on him.

Wagner then makes a tempered comment about Elsbeth’s possible departure from NYPD with an option for her to get back to Chicago, and this is what all the fans are quite worried about. Ahead of the season’s finale, many still believe that Wagner’s anger towards Elsbeth may quieten down, but the character’s actor doesn’t really think so.

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Wendell Pierce, who portrays Wagner in the show, has recently opened up about some major plot twists that may come in Elsbeth’s way and affect the main character’s position at NYPD.

According to Pierce, the penultimate episode of the show has finally made it clear that Wagner is “a man of integrity” and, though there’s still one more episode left to deal with the whole drama, things may not turn out so well for Elsbeth personally.

The actor reassured that his character has no compromise option after Elsbeth betrayed him, smiling in his face while trying to dig up some dirt on him, and now Wagner is set to do anything to make her leave. As Pierce later on put it, “the story can continue but not with them working directly with each other.”

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While Pierce’s words seem harsh enough as now Elsbeth’s future in New York is more uncertain than ever, the series’ star is still a pretty much credible source, however disheartening his revelations may sound.

Yet the show will surely go on with Elsbeth as its lead, whether she’ll find herself back to Chicago or just separated from Wagner and still in New York in the upcoming next season.

Elsbeth’s season 1 finale will premiere on CBS on May 23.

Source: CinemaBlend