Emily Blunt Wanted Her Fall Guy Character To Resemble This Famous Director

Emily Blunt Wanted Her Fall Guy Character To Resemble This Famous Director
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The actress revealed an unexpected cinematic parallel.


  • Oppenheimer ’s star Emily Blunt has recently revealed that for her character in her new movie, The Fall Guy, she found inspiration in some of her friends, including Barbie ’s director Greta Gerwig.
  • In the new film Blunt portrays a female movie director who, according to the script, originally was supposed to be a make-up artist.
  • Though Emily apparently felt some pressure with the change of role for her character, she didn’t let the latter stay as tough as she was supposed to be and eventually managed to soften the character’s image.

Emily Blunt doesn’t seem to be getting to take some time off after one of her latest films, Christopher Nolan ’s Oppenheimer, has swept the entire Hollywood Awards season.

While promoting her new movie, The Fall Guy, where she stars alongside Ryan Gosling, the actress revealed that her character’s image was inspired by many people that she knows in real life — including one famous female director.

In the film Emily portrays a movie director Jody Moreno whose leading role’s man has suddenly disappeared — thus, she has to resort to the help of his stuntman, played by Gosling, who also happens to be Jody’s ex boyfriend.

Initially, as the director David Leitch’s producing partner and wife Kelly McCormick recalls, Blunt’s character was supposed to be a make-up artist, but then had become a director before the actress landed the role.

According to McCormick, the change of plan apparently made Emily feel more pressure while the character got some stiffer features than she had originally.

Though Emily didn’t let herself get lost — and started looking for some real-life inspiration for the character. In one of her interviews the actress admitted that, coming from the script, Jody had seemed a tough director, but the whole team managed to soften her.

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Additionally, Blunt brought to her character some features that she’d taken from her friends — with one of them being Barbie’s director Greta Gerwig whose warmth and charm, according to Emily, became a part of Jody Moreno.

Though Greta wasn’t the only person that inspired Emily — as the latter said, her character turned out to be a mix of a few other people that she’d met previously.