Evan Peters Comeback to MCU Could Only Work Under One Condition

Evan Peters Comeback to MCU Could Only Work Under One Condition
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And most importantly, how necessary that comeback is?

Evan Peters is rumored to be in negotiations to rush back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, potentially expected to appear in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, according to Marvel insider DanielRPK.

With the reports not yet officially confirmed, Marvel fans have already made it clear that there is a condition for them to accept Peter's character back into the MCU. He initially appeared in WandaVision, portraying a variant of Pietro Maximoff who turned out to be just a regular folk named Ralph Bonher manipulated by Agatha Harkness.

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That plot twist was arguably one of the most frustrating MCU moments, with fans going ballistic after the show appeared to "degrade" Peters' character to a spicy joke. However, fans are hopeful that Peters' return might be an attempt by Marvel to fix it.

MCU movies are notorious for fixing their past mistakes. Hopefully "Ralph Bohner" is another example of this trend. Fans are pretty sure that Disney 's marketing team will find a way to make Evan Peters comeback look good enough so that the general public won't hate it as much as they think they will.

After all, WandaVision experts have ruled, "Ralph" could still be anyone, and it all depends on the showrunners now.

In fact, one fan has already come up with what appears to be a decent explanation of Peters' MCU character.

"Agatha accidentally pulled fox quicksilver into the 616 universe trying to bring Pietro back. Because he entered in the hex, he was given a role "Ralph Bohner". Agatha had a hard time controlling him because of Wanda's hex, so had to use the necklace to control him. When the necklace was taken off by Monica, he reverts back to Ralph because wanda's hex was still in effect. We have no idea who Ralph truly is outside of the hex," Redditor DeferredFuture said.

Neither the studio nor Peters himself have commented on the rumors, but the return of "Ralph" in the upcoming Agatha Harkness show seems like a natural thing to occur. Agatha was a dark witch who faced off with Wanda in WandaVision, but ended up being stuck in Westview forever, in her role of the nosy neighbor.

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The premiere date for Agatha: Coven of Chaos remains to be scheduled, but it is known that the show will arrive on Disney Plus in 2023 or 2024.