Even Die-Hard Fans Agree Marvel Should Give Majors' Kang the Boot

Even Die-Hard Fans Agree Marvel Should Give Majors' Kang the Boot
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios

Disney needs to respond quickly as fans are running out of patience.


  • The assault and harassment trial of Jonathan Majors has begun in New York City, and new evidence has been revealed to the public.
  • Meanwhile, Disney is still indecisive about what to do with the actor and his Marvel character.
  • Fans are furious as some do not want to see the character in the MCU anymore.

On November 29, the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City finally began the trial on domestic violence charges against Jonathan Majors, a budding Hollywood talent who unfortunately stumbled upon his own horrific actions, which immediately ended his career as soon as the public found out. Now, the actor who was one step away from becoming the new Thanos has actually become one of the most contradictory figures in modern Hollywood

As part of the trial, new details have emerged as evidence of his behavior toward his victim, then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. And while the actor and his defense are still trying to convince the public that it's all a lie by continuing to plead not guilty, few people are really willing to blindly follow the 'proven until guilty' postulate. All of this only directs more hatred at Disney and Marvel, as even the most hardcore fans want to see decisive action, either by replacing Majorsand not letting him have a platform, or by kicking Kang out of the MCU altogether.

The Major's Career Is Finished

Hardly anyone in the general public is on Jonathan Majors' side these days, especially now that strong evidence has surfaced in court that the actor abused an ex-girlfriend by manipulating her into not reporting physical abuse. On Friday, December 8, text messages between Majors and Jabbari were presented in court that not only confirm all of the allegations, but also show just how terrifying the celebrity could be to his victims.

'I fear you have no perspective of what could happen if you go to the hospital,' Majors wrote in September 2022 (per People). 'They will ask you questions, and as I don't think you actually protect us, it could lead to an investigation even if you do lie, and they suspect something.'

To put this in context, Majors wrote this after inflicting a head injury on Jabbari.

Marvel Fans on Whether Kang Should Be Replaced

The general sentiment of the fans can literally be split in two: so far, half of the fans are no longer interested in Kang at all, while the other half continues to hope for a recast.

The former argue that Kang shouldn't be the only major black character (not counting Anthony Mackie as Captain America) that Marvel focuses on after Black Panther, because the setting is unbridled and there are many vibrant characters of color waiting for their live-action adaptations. The latter, on the other hand, think it's worth the effort to recast and give the role to another black actor. In any case, no fan advocates Major's return.

Disney Must Decide

'I had it confirmed to me he's [Majors] no longer working for Marvel. I asked the person why, and they said the reason why is he was all wrapped up in this Kang storyline and they are likely going to be moving away from that,' Joanna Robinson, bestselling author of MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, shared on her House of R podcast.

However, a month has passed since the statement was made, and Disney has not yet made any official statement, keeping a pathetically low profile. It is rather odd what the media giant is waiting for when there is literally proof of the actor's guilt. After all, the company had a similar experience when it fired Gina Carano from The Mandalorian and the subsequent solo project for transphobic and hateful rhetoric, and no legal action was taken against her.

Hopefully, Disney will listen to their fans and officially say goodbye to Majors and finally decide Kang's fate.

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