Even if Destiel Wasn't Wasted, It Would've Been Toxic Thanks to Dean

Even if Destiel Wasn't Wasted, It Would've Been Toxic Thanks to Dean
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This couple is good only in fanfiction.


  • Supernatural was a horror-mystery television series on The CW that aired for 15 seasons from 2005 to 2020.
  • The show followed the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, on their journey to fight demons.
  • Fandom took a liking to a non-canon couple of Dean and the angel Castiel, however in canon Dean never treated Cas right.

No matter how many active fans Supernatural still has today, those viewers who have been with the show from day one are quite critical of it. Yes, it has brought viewers 15 years of entertaining content and action-packed adventures, and we will be forever grateful for that.

However, let's face it, in those 15 years, Supernatural raised too many questions at moments that didn't make any sense. And the closer the show came to its end, the more fans noticed those awkward arcs.

The way the writers handled the relationship between Cas and Dean is one of the most painful topics for the entire fandom.

Fans of the pair who had long given up hope of seeing their favorites in the canon were furious to see Cas's confession shortly before his death. Those who never understood the chemistry between the characters felt that his arc was completely ruined. In reality, by season 15, the Supernatural creative team had simply run out of chances to save Destiel.

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Is Destiel Canon in Supernatural?

Even though Destiel was technically made a canon pairing at the end of season 15 (at least from one side), fans still consider the pairing to be one of the biggest examples of queerbaiting in modern television.

On the other hand, looking at how Cas and Dean's relationship has developed over the seasons since the angel's introduction to the show, it was hard to imagine any other outcome for these characters. Canonically, Destiel was always destined to be a toxic pairing.

The problem is that while Castiel, played by Misha Collins, had some pretty intriguing and interesting arcs, he mostly existed as an NPC character, Dean's satellite. He came when Dean called, was there when needed, and then was forgotten as soon as Dean got his way.

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The way Dean treated Cas, first going on his favorite rants about family and then pushing him away, was consistent with the character, but never guaranteed a possible relationship. Cas, on the other hand, simply came to the rescue at the first call. Perhaps that is why the pivotal confession in the finale came from him.

If you're not ready to settle for fanfiction and want to freshen up your memories of the canonical Dean Winchester and Castiel's dynamic, Supernatural is available to stream on Netflix.