Every 'Family Guy' Thanksgiving Special, Ranked From Worst to Best

Every 'Family Guy' Thanksgiving Special, Ranked From Worst to Best
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From stolen turkeys to prison fights, Family Guy delivers a very different take on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving episodes have never been a regular occurrence on Family Guy, but then came the first special in Season 10, which proved to be exceptionally popular.

From there, Family Guy has delivered some unforgettable Thanksgiving episodes that are often far from wholesome, but double down on the laughs.

Into Harmony's Way - Season 12

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IMDB rating 6.4/10

When Peter and Quagmire discover their singing talents, forming a duo seems like a great idea until fame gets the best of them, causing a rift between the two that sends Peter home just in time for Thanksgiving.

As fun as it was to explore Peter and Quagmire's relationship, the vulgar but hilarious music really took the spotlight in this episode, leaving little room for Thanksgiving, which is why it sits at the bottom of this list.

Peter's Sister - Season 14

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IMDB rating 6.5/10

This Thanksgiving episode introduces Peter's estranged sister Karen, a beefy pro wrestler named 'Heavy Flo'.

Karen surprises Peter and his family, who are shocked to learn of her existence. We later find out that Karen mercilessly bullied and beat Peter during their childhood, and her brutal behavior continues in this episode, to the point where Meg encourages Peter to challenge his sister to a women's wrestling match. The siblings go head to head, and Karen almost wins, but is knocked out by Meg with a chair.

Although more than a little ridiculous, this Thanksgiving episode shed light on why Peter treats Meg the way he does, and brought the father-daughter duo closer together

Shanksgiving - Season 18

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IMDB rating 6.6/10

When Lois plans to host her family for the festive feast, Peter is willing to do anything to escape his in-laws and his wife's cooking, and he and his friends decide to get arrested and spend the holiday in the county jail.

Instead of county jail, the hapless group is sent to the state penitentiary and must navigate prison life, which includes joining a gang.

Peter joins a group of skinheads on the condition that he stab Cleveland, but as he prepares to do so, it becomes clear that his friends have been given the same task. An unexpected shiv battle ensues between Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland as they stab each other.

Adding to the hilarity is Stewie's revelation that he has been pen pals with, and is even married to, a female prisoner.

Thanksgiving - Season 10

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IMDB rating 6.8/10

The first official Thanksgiving special introduces an unexpected guest when Joe's son Kevin, presumed dead in Iraq for 5 years, arrives at the Griffin's doorstep.

The gang quickly realizes that Kevin is no war hero and has faked his own death. With his own father intent on arresting him for desertion, he reminds Joe of the time he turned a blind eye to a homeless man who stole to feed his family, and the two reconcile.

The episode ends with another 'Kevin' arriving and declaring the first one an imposter, making for a wholesome and unpredictable holiday episode.

Turkey Guys - Season 13

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IMDB rating 6.8 /10

Peter and Brian get drunk and eat the entire turkey the night before Thanksgiving and embark on a mission to find a replacement. It's a chaotic but hilarious downward spiral from there that earns this episode the top spot on the list.

From driving Brian's car into a lake, to stealing a little girl's bike, to Peter relieving himself in a bag, the pair's antics make for an unforgettable and pretty gross Thanksgiving adventure that ends with them stealing a live turkey from the zoo.

However, with Peter unable to kill the turkey for dinner, a drunken Chris arrives and fires his shotgun, securing the dinner once and for all in a shocking twist that felt true to Family Guy.