Every MCU Reference in 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 4

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There is a truly cosmic amount of them.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 4

'Ms. Marvel' is a true delight for the real MCU nerds, with its every episode being generously sprinkled with references, Easter eggs and little hints that are a pleasure for fans to spot and decipher.

Episode 4 is no exception. Premiering on Wednesday, 'Seeing Red' has already dropped a handful of various MCU homages, referencing a lot of things from Thor to Ant-Man.

The latter is perhaps the most straightforward reference in the episode, with Kamala spotting a giant Ant-Man graffiti on a train station in Karachi where she arrived to look for clues about her origin. She doesn't have a lot of time to appreciate it, though, as new character Kareem throws a knife into the wall, and the focus quickly shifts to a fight scene.

It's remarkable, however, how frequently the show references Ant-Man: some fans are still not over that "Scott Lang podcast" thing from episode 1.

The Easter egg journey continues: at some point in episode 4, we see that the Clandestines are being held in a supermax prison controlled by Department of Damage Control. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that the prison is the exact same facility where Abomination from 'She-Hulk' is being held as well.

This deepens 'Ms. Marvel's connection to the events of Phase Four that may potentially be explored in 'She-Hulk' when the show premieres in August.

As Kamala is learning more about who she is and receives explanation of the Djinn nature, we get a funny Thor reference. It turns out that, should Asgard's God of Thunder land in the Himalayan Mountains, he would also be dubbed Djinn by the locals. So maybe Kamala was too quick to rule out her being Asgardian in episode 3.

What fans are clearly not willing to rule out is the chance for the Inhumans to be introduced, which is why they keep scrutinizing 'Ms. Marvel' for any hints about them. And guess what – there are more and more of those hints.

When Kamala learns more about the Noor dimension and how it is connected with our world, a hologram shows us a sneak peak of how the home of the Clandestines looks. Fans were quick to spot the resemblance of the spikey buildings in the Noor dimension to Attilan – the ancestral home of the Inhumans described in the comics.

With just two episodes left until Kamala Khan's story concludes, 'Ms. Marvel' leaves fans intrigued by a jaw-dropping cliffhanger that sends the heroine to the times of the Partition, even though it's unclear whether it is a vision or actual time travel.

'Ms. Marvel' finale is scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus on July 13.

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