Every Mystery Silo Season 2 Has to Address

Every Mystery Silo Season 2 Has to Address
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Boy, there are plenty of them, even though that season finale has certainly given us some of the answers.

Well, put us in that sheriff uniform and send us to the Up Top, because we want to know the truth about everything in the Silo universe — and it seems like there's a lot to unpack.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for Silo season 1 episode 10

With Silo season 1 finale airing on Apple TV Plus on Friday, the entire fandom went insane. It's quite understandable, since the tenth episode, promisingly titled The Outside, had Juliette Nichols actually being sent out to clean, even though she never requested to leave the Silo.

However, it seems it's a little bit too soon to label Sims and Bernard villains; despite the fact that they clearly set Juliette up, the season finale clearly indicates there is hardly a person in the Silo who knows the entire truth. So let's delve into all the mysteries that the second season has yet to unveil, shall we?

Is Bernard a Bad Guy (And How Much Does He Even Know?)

Firstly, we thought Bernard was a good one. Then, he revealed himself as the one behind every hidden manipulation that prevented Jules from discovering the truth on the hard drive.

But in the season finale, Bernard seemed genuinely taken by surprise when Juliette told him about the secret door deep down that George Wilkins discovered. Even though Bernard never explicitly confirmed he had no idea about it, many fans believe he is kept on the need-to-know by the mysterious "others" who may actually be running the show.

Bernard's final move in the tenth episode was reveal the actual landscape of the outside to Jules as he seemingly turned off the "green screen." What was that? An attempt to help or further hinder her quest for the truth? Now we wait.

What's Up With Paul Billings?

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When he broke into Juliette's apartment, Billings found the book that turned her world upside down with those pictures of the ocean, forests, and other picturesque landscapes that the outside has (had?) to offer.

He went as far as to rip one page out and then burn the rest of the book. What page, though? What is his plan? After Sims discovered Billings had the Syndrome, he offered the deputy an exception, even though any other person would immediately get fired. Why Billings?

Speaking Of The Syndrome

What even is this mysterious Syndrome and how does it appear in the Silo residents? We are yet to receive a proper explanation of this condition that affects one's life in a way that could be disastrous for a good career.

Are Holston and Allison Alive?

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George Wilkins is confirmed dead, but when it comes to Holston and Allison, who went out to clean in the beginning of the season, it's not that clear. Was their knowledge that something was wrong enough to survive in the outside, or are they in fact lying there?

And why didn't Juliette even try to find that out?

The Destroyed City

When Juliette went out and the green screen disappeared, we saw that there are multiple silos (yep, just like every single fan theory suggested), and that there is an apocalyptic city somewhere far away.

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The city doesn't look thriving at all, but what killed it? Are other silos connected to it (or each other?) What if that door George found was a secret passage to another silo?

Oh, and we still don't know if the outside is dangerous or not after all. Is it the air that "killed" everyone who would go out, or was it that spray before they exited the silo?

We need 2024 to hurry and bring us that second season right away!