Everyone's Convinced Jonathan's Going to Die in 'Stranger Things' Season 5

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'Stranger Things' fans have a very peculiar hobby: as soon as yet another season ends, they start guessing which one of the characters is not going to make it next.

Guess who is another prospected candidate for death in the fifth and final season of 'Stranger Things'? Now that people are seemingly done with being concerned for Steve Harrington or Dustin Henderson, it looks like… Jonathan Byers is in danger.

One of the things that made fans think that is how the showrunners seem to be bringing back the chemistry between Steve and Nancy. Some people are already convinced that is because they have decided to kill Jonathan off.

"Am I the only one who thinks Jonathan is going to die next season to save or protect Will? And that's why they brought Stancy back?" – @Darkseid241

Looks like some fans have even imagined the scene of this all happening.

"... what if Jonathan dies next season and Nancy sobs over him, cradling his dead body in her arms? Then what?? And what if Argyle stands there just in shock, before also breaking down into sobs???? Then what will we do?" – @TammyTompson_Xx

But some people believe that Jonathan simply cannot die – not only because they are adamant that he and Nancy are still a thing, but also because there are certain things he has yet to experience as a big music fan.

"Jonathan Byers can't die he needs to be alive to listen to Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus." – @infpbyers

Generally, 'Stranger Things' fans are confident that someone will have to sacrifice themselves in the final season – after all, the story is coming to an end, and it needs to be dramatic. However, many people argue that a sacrifice must be made by an adult, not a teenager, as they have already had enough.

Still, in 'Stranger Things', no one is really safe. With the leaked script from season 4 demonstrating that Nancy seems to be reconsidering her love life and having her eyes back on Steve, Jancy fans are rioting online. If Jonathan ends up dead in season 5, all hell might break loose on social media – however, it's quite hard to find a character whose death will not leave fans furious.

The writing for season 5 is already at full swing, even though the premiere date is yet to be scheduled.

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