Exciting Fast & Furious 11 Update from Tyrese Has Fans Cheering

Exciting Fast & Furious 11 Update from Tyrese Has Fans Cheering
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If the F&F franchise lost you on space cars, the finale might just pull you back.


  • Vin Diesel ’s Fast & Furious movies have been progressively diverting from their original idea over the years.
  • According to star Tyrese Gibson, Diesel’s crew plans to make Fast 11 more grounded and street racing-focused.
  • At the same time, it’s important to understand that Fast 11 will be the finale of the F&F franchise, and it’ll have to resolve the Dante Reyes storyline.

Vin Diesel’s most famous creation, the Fast & Furious franchise has been around since 2001. For over two decades, it has been steadily evolving (or devolving?) from street racing action movies to movies with international espionage, cars going to space, and people being revived every other second — and lost some of its original fans thanks to that. The F&F movies have long lost their original ground.

But according to star Tyrese Gibson, that finally changes with Fast 11!

Fast & Furious Goes Back to Its Roots

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Believe it or not, despite the F&F movies having been only getting progressively bigger in terms of scale and events, Fast 11 isn’t about to continue with this trend. The finale of Vin Diesel’s iconic franchise will be more grounded than the previous installments, more down-to-earth — at least, that’s what Tyrese is saying.

“Fans over the years have been wanting to kind of ground the film and get back to more of the street racing and get away from being in outer space and all the other stuff. I think right now, they’re in the basement: they’re riding, they’re cooking, they’re really trying to pull it together, to make sure that the fans can show up and really enjoy the film,” the Roman Pearce star told CBR.

Will Fast 11 Be All About Street Racing?

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It’s crucial to understand that while Vin Diesel and his crew are willing to meet fans’ expectations, they can’t throw away Fast X’s setup. Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes is still out there, and out for blood — so apart from adding more of the OG stuff, Fast 11 will have to focus on this storyline and resolve it. It’ll be the grand finale, after all.

“They’re listening to the fans and feedback and kind of what the fans want, and so I think it’s going to be taking up a few more notches on the street racing stuff. At the same time, [our] purpose is to entertain. You’re supposed to eat at least three full buckets of popcorn while watching The Fast and The Furious,” Tyrese chuckled.

So what we’re hearing is, Fast 11 will go big on street racing like the good old days, but also won’t trade the Dante storyline for the OG feeling. If Vin Diesel and his crew can strike the perfect balance between the epic confrontation and the classic races we were all enamored with in the 2000s, Fast 11 might just become the greatest F&F movie ever — and the most fitting finale for the iconic franchise.

Source: CBR