EXO's Oh Sehun Praising Fans' Support Is Just Precious

EXO's Oh Sehun Praising Fans' Support Is Just Precious
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You'll certainly want to check out that Elle interview.

If you'd ever take a look at K-pop boy group EXO, one word would surely come to your mind: "beauty". EXO's members are known for their visuals: a lot of other idols admitted they were stunned, seeing how everyone in this group is so handsome – even by the highest standards of Korean industry which is all about artists being good-looking.

EXO members do not only have incredible vocals and strong voices: many of them are already well-established in acting field since 2012, appearing in cameo in 'To the Beautiful You' K-drama. One of them, Park Chanyeol, had an even earlier TV debut, appearing in 'High Kick' series released in 2008. Nowadays, many EXO members are starring in movies and drama series as lead actors. It seems like their handsome appearance is appreciated a lot by Koreans.

Aside from filming movies and variety shows, we can't forget the magazines – a must-do for truly impactful and beautiful people. In celebration of EXO's 10th debut anniversary, one of the members, Oh Sehun, confidently took the cover of ELLE Korea magazine wearing a Dior outfit. According to the influencer marketing platform Lefty, Sehun reached the top-3 influencers of Paris Fashion Week, with just his invitation to Dior's fashion show on Instagram establishing the estimated media value of social interactions online about $3.1 million.

In the new 'September Sensation' issue Sehun shares his thoughts about his group and fans, his current passion and other things. EXO-Ls (the fans of EXO) were touched by his thoughtful message to the fandom and promise to keep meeting each other a lot in the future.

"I want to praise you for looking after our members so well during these past 10 years. In the future there will be even more moments (to spend with each other) that you can look forward to."

When asked about his personal relationships, Oh Sehun revealed the important characteristics of the people who surround him and his affection for them.

"Usually the people I'm close to don't treat me as someone special. This natural bond with them seems to last for a long time. There's this kind of relationship that feels like a comfortable family because we don't have any doubts about each other. We share both happy and sad moments. I don't think relationships can be built just by putting in some effort."